Italy (5) 2018

1 Oct 2018 – From Churches to A Palace

Mon: what a privilege to be invited to lunch by Princesses Niké Arrighi Borghese&her daughter Flavia@Palazzo/Palace Borghese in Artena. 

While waiting for Niké@MontiTirburtini Metro station, we spied these brave roof-workers in action! Not a job for a faint heart!!

Was excited to discover that Frascati, one of my favourite Italian whites is around the drive to Artena. Was driving in and out of rain showers with a typical Italian driver who would occasionally take her hands off the wheel when she felt lost! Ian had to close his eyes, especially after we got out of the car-park at the M-station…

It has been nearly 40yrs ago when I last met Egidio&Danellie, and now they are grandparent to 3. Good to know that Egidio still paints.

Flavia was a professional chef at one time and made this delicious memorable meal.

An enchanting country palace with 3generations living there – Niké with her daughter Flavia and grand daughter Agata.

Niké – a beautiful person with many talents who lives her gracious life fully.

Appreciations to Niké for the highlight of this trip and a day to remember. The idiot-proof camera does not justify the pix here, but hopefully Ian has better ones.

The National Archeological Museum of Palestrina is housed inside the Renaissance Barberini Palace, the former baronial palace, built above the ancient temple of Fortuna. It exhibits the most important works from the ancient town of Praeneste.

The famous sculpture of the Capitoline Triad is exhibited on the first floor. The second floor is dedicated to the necropoli and sanctuaries, while the third floor contains a large polychrome mosaic depicting the flooding of the Nile (Nile mosaic of Palestrina).

Grazie mille to our Italian friends for all their kind hospitality. As we watched the sun-rays with Rome in the far background, I am at a awe and completely loss of words with the ancient Roman Empire.

Advice in old age is foolish; for what can be more absurd than to increase our provisions for the road the nearer we approach to our journey’s end – Marcus Tullius Cicero. And since the quote talks about death, it should be noted that Cicero himself was killed at the orders of Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius). Apparently, Cicero’s last words to his captors were – There is nothing proper about what you are doing, soldier, but do try to kill me properly.

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