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9 Nov 2017 – Places NOT Within My Budget

Tue: lunch@Mamanda Restaurant****like this venue for the ambiance and wanted to share with Lock to check if he too can will have memories of 5 Temenggong Rd here. Their signature Nasi Ampeng platter is beautifully presented.

In the early 2000s, OSSEA (Orchid Society) used this venue for an event and it was then Restoran Tepak Sireh. May helped with a fashion-show (still trying to locate those pix?). Ever since then, have been taking visitors here when in the Arab St area. Have been just told by Ramat that there were 6families living in this location many yrs ago. One of the bros disappeared and another one went mad…


A sushi chef has to spot the best-quality fresh fish instantly – Nobu Matsuhisa. LesAmis Group has just opened a new eatery – Sushi Jin*****@FarrerPk Station Rd, Owen Link, #01-11/12.


Omakase (Jyo-Sen) おまかせ (上選) includes appetiser, assorted sashimi, 1 cooked dish, assorted sushi, soup & dessert –  good choice.

Tkx to Ivy&Les for one of the best scallops&salmon roe tasted.

No complains and not feeling any pain after 1 bottle of sake, shared among us and all these yummy dishes. Les and May managed to do some shopping@Mustafa after dinner!

Wed: appreciations to Ai-Ling for lunch@National Kitchen by Violet Oon****at the National Gallery. The Ngoh Hiang, Kuay Pie Tee and Dry Laksa are good.

Walking to the concourse below the Supreme Court Foyer to discover that with the use of mirrors, the illusion of height can be quite fascinating. The nerves were not too comfortable walking on these see-thru’ floor, but it was by choice! Leaving by the Courtyard Lounge out to the street.

The stomach is getting weaker, thus skipping dinner tonight to give it a rest. Walking to the bus-stop opp Esplanade Concert Hall to digest the food and capturing some of the skyline on the way. Unpacking&laundry are still waiting to be done…

Thu: morning shopping for cook books@Kinokuniya, NgeeAnnCity and salivating in the basement at all the foods, like we need more food.

Lunch@Morsel****40-seater restaurant

 serves wildly creative fusion dishes which are ingredient-driven.

Somethings do look as good as they taste+the champagne from Les cellar.

A showcase of international cuisines on the Omakase Menu in Dempsey.

Tkx to Annie&Neo@Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine*****Green generation sitting with the orange&purple generation standing in pix. This restaurant overlooks the glittering casino floor (pix not allowed over the balcony here) at Marina Bay Sands, with private rooms.

Appreciations to Les for the champagne and wines.

The suckling pig is to die for!

A celebration for Life and this week I am in food&wine heaven 🙂

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