8 Nov 2017 – Why I HATE Travelling!!!

Sun: wow, if this was my boarding school, I would do very well! Not many students are around on Sun as they go home, but just look at this breakfast-spread (for staff, students and visitors like me!), smoked salmon, omelette, egg, bacon, sausages, etc…

A walk about in the common areas. Would certainly not mind being a student or a teacher again in a place like this 🙂

A cuppa@Starbucks! (the only thing lacking from the school canteen) before grocery shopping.

Amazing fresh (literally) seafood selection.

Even their traditional Italian pizzas here are freshly-made to go, and the owner of this location, Jenny Wang in green is here personally to check on her investments! Tasted several samples of toppings and they are good, but the eyes are always wider than the stomach and after breakfast, pizza was not on the list before flying!

What a wonderful way to end this visit at this grocery shop with a florist by an alley of weeping willows. Thank you Audrey&her TEDx Team for a memorable visit.

Joinning the maddening crowd – line to check-in, immigration&security-checks, train to departureT,

walk to gateE59, bus-ride to NoMansLand, line to the stairs for boarding this Dreamliner! All this took 2+hrs. And ppl still think I can get used to this?????? Maybe now you can understand why I say I HATE travelling. It is because of all this, NOT because of the ppl I want to see or places I would like to visit, those I do look forward to. Safe&sound back in SIN on an uneventful on-time flight. Welcome back to some order, cleaner air and warmer temps 🙂

Mon: welcome Lock&May to SIN – Happy Belated Bday, Lock and we will certainly celebrate this week like we used to in our student-days in Dublin, hahaha. Sooo good to see them both. Tkx to Clement for lunch@SiChuanDouHua Restaurant, a restaurant with a view from the 60th floor.


Tkx to Richard (Lock’s classmate from childhood&boarding school in Dublin) for coffee and for his company this afternoon. Group pix credits to Richard.

Long day ended with nice family steamboat dinner@Les&Ivy and yummy ChocolateMousseCake from May (who is on holiday, otherwise she would have made a better one) bought at the FullertonHotel. Back to my pad before midnight and felt like a cannonball crashing down to earth!

Being exhausted is all part of the fun. I’m cool with it. I’m not going to wish that it would slow down – James Bay

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