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10 Nov 2017 –  Translated From Google 


1 theme, 8 stories of life, 18 minutes of speech, will not change the way you look at the world?
 2017-11-10 Marketing Department Beijing DingShi school

TEDx Dingshi main visual map/Dingshi 12th grader, Liu Jiangming

Divided two roads in a woods,
And I chose a less tracked one,
Since then decided the road of my life. – Robert Frost – Unselected Road

Everyone is faced with choices every day, however, there are always some important moments, just as facing the two forked junctions in the woods, to the left or to the right? Regular or change the rules? Choose the path of few people will lead us where? We are inevitably afraid of my heart, then listen to come over how to say…

After nearly a year of preparation, October 4, do not take the unusual road bit theme, TEDx Dingshi officially held, nearly a hundred people participated in the event. At this event, which was led, and sponsored by Dingshi students, eight cutting-edge speakers from different fields shared their life story of do not go straight.

DCB choir singing for the opening
Liang Xiaolong, 12th grader served as the host of the event

TED is an acronym for English word technology, entertainment and design. This organization organizes offline lectures and websites to share the slogan Dissemination of all ideas worthy of communication, inviting people from all over the world to share ideas, And the story to stimulate more ideas collision and exchange. TED also encourages agencies and organizations around the world to organize TEDx events spontaneously within their communities.

The TEDx tripod activities have been formally authorized TED official.
The power of example | TEDx share

At this TEDx, there are eight speakers from all walks of life, including artists, designers, entrepreneurs and educators who have gone the extra mile in one area of ​​their life or career, yet each of them the direction of exploration is not the same.

Where am I? Where are I from? Where are I going? The ultimate pursuit of these three questions are that every individual who hopes to pursue the meaning of life cannot escape. Sooner or later, these questions will ring in your heart.

Some people go inward and seek for themselves; others seek outward to try to find the connection between the individual and the world; others choose charity to help people in need and realize their self-worth; someone searches for the power of creation and the cultural identity through culture; some people are broadening their thinking boundaries by challenging the limits of the body; others are concerned with the social minorities and sound their voices …

The answer is different for everyone.

In the same way, all of them bravely make changes and refuse to follow the crowd. Instead, they choose to explore the path where few people go and find the passion for a true inner self.

Amy Lam, Music teacher / Hiking enthusiast
The best hotel is not a five-star hotel,
because when you camp in the wild,
there are endless stars in the sky. 
55-year-old retirement age then, now 68-year-old, what kind of lifestyle would you choose?

Amy Lam, a lovely Singaporean grandmother, chose to be a backpacker at 55. Moreover, she chose not ordinary mountains, but the United States Appalachian Mountains. The mountain passes a total of 14 states, eight forest parks and two national parks, a total length of more than 3,000 kilometers. Now she also enjoys hiking every year and shares her experiences around the world.

Flora Liu

Lok Education founder / Single-engine aircraft Universal Flying only female player

Whether male or female,
Should be proud to be a feminist. 

At age 19, Flora lives alone in the Utah desert for three months. After studying at Northwestern University. In 2016, Flora was involved in the single-engine aircraft world-wide flight from Beijing as the only female player. After the flight, she set up a music education from scratch, to encourage more high school students to find their own potential. In particular, she hopes to encourage girls to listen to their voices and make courageous choices. She believes society will come into full play when the gender, which occupies half of the total population, continues to fulfill its potential.

Lionel Hong / Hong Feientrepreneur
Do not read the past, fear of the future, living in the moment

After entering Beijing Hotsmith High School in Beijing, he moved to Gettysburg College, one of the top liberal arts colleges in the United States. Lionel Hong’s academic credentials did not stop. In order to find the meaning of self, he devoted himself to studying Buddhism for three years after graduation. He shared with the audience his personal experiences and how to use meditation to relax oneself, focus on making life return to pure, focus on what is really important in life.

Chen XingBi Fu brand founder / fashion designer
We need to embrace the times,So that Chinese traditional culture in modern design language has been re-interpreted. 

Chen Hsing, who studied at Tsinghua University’s Department of Architecture and went to Milan Polytechnic Institute of Architecture, has chosen to fist in the field of fashion design. Seemingly cross-border, but in reality is closely related. His keen and profound understanding of architecture and tradition helped him become unique in the field of fashion design. He hoped to find his own cultural identity and brand value in his works.

Sam Waldo Mantra glasses founder – from 2012 till now,
His project has helped 337 school students,
Donated 19,145 pairs of free glasses to children in rural China

After graduating from Columbia Economics, Sam Waldo chose to be a volunteer teacher for two years in remote mountainous areas in Yunnan, China. He found that nearly half of rural children affected academic performance because of sight problems.

The Education in Sight charity project he and his co-founder set to popularize thousands of rural children with free knowledge of myopia, eye exams and eye protection. He founded the Mantra Sunglasses brand and implemented Buy One for All. Everyone who buys eyeglasses can view the sponsored mountain kids by scanning the two-dimensional code on their glasses. Sam hopes to achieve more long-term development of charity with business success.

Kari Tamura Chua Artist / Founder, SAMA SAMA project
Everyone has the potential to change the world.

Kari believes that everyone has innate unique potential. She founded the SAMA SAMA project to help you re-understand the low-income immigrants working in Singapore. Her project gives migrants the support and protection they need to better identify themselves. Inner potential.

Kari helps 20-year-old Bangladeshi immigrants to find a photographer’s dream beyond gardener’s work.
Kamani Suppiah / Founder of Whanau

She founded social assistance training to help young people in northern New Zealand to be self-fulfilling by learning skills such as filmmaking and storytelling.

Yang Gang LGBT independent researcher

He is one of the project sponsors of Beijing’s Closer Unfriendly Toilet and is devoted to promoting people’s awareness of LGBT people and further promoting and popularizing the concept of gender diversity, equality and respect.

TEDx tripod student team | We are also ‘do not take the unusual way’
Maze scene map

The same day, the audience walked into the theater door to experience the do not take the unusual way. To reach the seat of the venue, the audience will walk in the darkness of a labyrinth lit by LED lights.

The TEDx tripod stage and poster design are from DingShi 12-year-old student Liu Jiangming hand. After reading through the ancient Greek theater design information, Liu Jiangming thought of the maze as the inspiration to design the stage. She said the audience walked into the maze of the theater and the cardboard building the maze extended from high to low on both sides, just as one had no idea where he was going at the very beginning of the exploration, but focused on the road at his own feet Go forward, the road will gradually clear up… This is not exactly OFF THE BEATEN PATH image and meaning?

Within 1 day, 6 hours, 8 speakers, 3 TED online lectures, interspersed with the students wonderful music performances. Everything was organized professionally and orderly. Nearly 100 viewers of the day were immersed in wonderful speeches and felt the agitation of intelligence.

It’s hard to imagine such a professional activity with only eight students and a teacher behind the scenes. From the very beginning, they have encountered many unexpected challenges: Do you want to hold a bilingual speech? Do you want to provide simultaneous interpretation? How to control the cost? Who should I invite for a speech? Celebrities or successful entrepreneurs, or those who make real changes? What should be provided besides the speech?

During the event, DingShi students brought spectacular performances to the audience, including RAPs, solo performances, piano performances and student band performances

Inspired by the TED speech, Jiang Han-hsi first proposed the idea of ​​holding a TED event in the idea of ​​stone, from the idea to the eventual eventual molding, how far have they gone?

As Audrey Moh, the organizer of the event, puts it: It takes only one person to get a good idea, but it needs the support of the entire community to get things done. From teams at the Center for the Performing Arts to art teachers From the Dingshi Student Media Team (SMS) to the volunteers responsible for the day and the entire Dingshi community provided various kinds of support for the event…

As executive producer of this event, Xingyun Fei, a 11th grader in Dingshi, is very important. She and Sasha Onyango need to take overall control of the situation. She understands the hardships in the preparation process. She said:

Event Executive Producers Sasha Onyango and Xing Yunfei
From the very beginning, to finding speakers, sponsors, dining with the restaurant, exploring the stage scenery with Mr. Babcock, and so on, all of our teamwork is done step by step. On November 3, the night before the event, I saw that the labyrinth of the two days that we had spent a few months doing with paperboard was finally shaped. Turn off the lights, the labyrinth inside the led light that moment, I feel all the hard work worth it.
For the student team organizing the TEDx activities, we bravely take comfort zones, try new things and take on entirely new challenges and responsibilities. Is this experience not a learning process of not unusual ways?
Sun Jiuding responsible for video recording,grade 11th grader Sun Jiuding and 12th grader Jiang Zeze from the technical and aesthetic point of view, completed TEDx tripod stone page construction and design; from the public without any knowledge of the creation of TEDx DingShi WeChat public number, not from time to time Sharing the content of Liu Bingliang students, as out of the comfort zone, a period of experience; Xing Yunfei from the initial hesitation, to devote themselves to this challenging work, to experience the heart full of great sense of pride and happiness Liu Jiangming classmates to the stage design as a test of water, more determined to become their own determination to become an architect.
Audrey Moh
TEDx tripod activities organization responsible teacher
Ding Shi Middle School English teacher
Many people know off the beaten path because of Robert Frost’s popular The Road Not Taken. The theme of this speech is more inspired by Maya Angelou, an American poet, writer and social activist. She devoted all her life to writing about the social justice and her works are also reminding The power of our speech.
Maya Angelo once said, For the caged birds sing of freedom. That is exactly why we should celebrate for many of the choices we have today, and thus create our own path, choosing either ordinary or not the usual way.
Edited 14Dec 2017: 16+mins video downloaded

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