Biodegradable Plastic Bag

9 Oct 2017 – Is That For Real???

Fri: 2above pix downloaded. Happy Children’s Day and TGIF. Like the positive link below – perhaps the obsess with food on this Red Dot is not such a bad thing afterall. Have been often asked why I choose to live here and at this stage when age is catching up, food, conveniences, safety, weather, etc are good enough reasons; of course do miss the kids+grandkids, but am blessed that I see them regularly.

Tkx to Yoshie, Seb&Adrian for being such sports to agree to a take-away moonlight dinner@EC Pk. The StarWars chopsticks came in handy then!

Ice-cream@MacD where they were being further sports when I locked their mobiles up and believe it or not, they were those 4 were the only ones there 🙂

Sat: Happy Bday to bro Leslie. Tkx for yummy home-cooked dinner to niece Daisy and good to see 四  who is camera-shy, but looking well after her successful non-invasive heart procedure in SGH. Lovely evening after a downpour in the late afternoon.

Sun: Good Sunday morning from SIN. Happy Bdays to Larry, Angelina, Audrey, Erin, HengSun/G. Rains are in the forecast – those in my neck of the woods, stay dry and to all be safe.

Catching up with family after a busy week with another busy week ahead. Visited bro Steven@UnitedMedicalCare and was caught in a heavy downpour. Had to sit 10mins at the bus stop let the heavy rains to subside. At this stage of his life journey, wonder if a view of a church side by side to a temple will help him to reflect on his life?

Tkx to niece Daisy&grand-nephew Darryl for an enjoyable evening at HollandV. Dinner@SushiTei***

Dessert@SundayFolks****an independent dessert café known for its handcrafted ice creams and sweets.

Tastë – gastronome grocer in the basement@HollandV RaffleMedical building. Is this plastic bag for really biodegradable??? Bought the purple sweet potato and beet chips to try, verdict, later postings.

Good cheese section there.

IMG_0210Mon: getting ready for another busy week with guest from Perth. Dill&salmon shopping@Mustafa as Gravlaks will be on the menu for Wed and this has to be prepared at least 24hrs in advance. Have not found anywhere whose prices of dill (and I need plenty in this dish) can be compared to Mustafa. Indulged with 2 favourtie dishes and a lemongrass drink from DinTaiFung@CitySquareMall for lunch.

There is a lot of interesting product coming to market already. Bags and bottles and cups and such made of potato starch and other fully biodegradable materials. In some sense, plastic is more chemically complex. We ought to be able to simplify – Edward Norton

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