One Pix For Each Decade

26 Oct 2017 – From 1950s – 2010s

Mon: tkx for lunch with Pat&Peggy who is preparing for her WOC to be held in Ecuador and her trip to Peru after the WOC. Looking forward to seeing her pix and hearing about her trip.

Appreciate Clement for helping me to upload WeChat for the China trip. Shopping&dinner@IKEA – happy to finally get a magnet strip up for the knives. Delighted with new Christmas lights.

Tue: appreciations to Leonard for checking the laptop as it has been scaring me with a black screen occasionally! Had a surprise inquiry from KwongLeeBank/1 posting from Roger. Passed on the messages and info to the others who have more seniority than I have to handle this. This is regarding 14Uncle Danny LAM TinChong who was married a couple of times but has no children. Pix credits to Roger.

My father in law is the chairperson of the SamChingKong old folks home in Hulu Langat. MrLam was brought in by his so called secretary who has been living with him for 30years, but lately when we tried to contact him, the no is no longer reachable. My father in law has been talking to him and he has some memories about his relatives that stays in Singapore and he misses them. So by just luck that he gave us a few hints like KwongLeeBank, his dad’s name. We saw your blog, I ll attach his IC to u ya. Hope u can let us know what’s his life story.

Wed: checking out pix to use for the TEDx talk and got caught into a web of memories!! One pix for every decade starting 1950s with my parents and siblings@5Temenggong Rd, 1960s – somewhere in Ireland and it is the only pix of me I have from my boarding school days.

1970s – Skittenelv/Troms, Norway pulling May (6-7months) in the sleigh. Those were the days (nearly 40yrs ago!) when I could still pull my baby in the sleigh on ski trips 🙂 1980s – TN/USA en route moving from CA-FL. 1990s – welcome Jeff into the family – Casselberry/FL, USA.

2006 – Pat&David’s wedding with #3, the only one of my grandchildren born in SIN. 2014 – Linn’s 40Bday, one of the best day of my life with the whole family together – only shot of my whole immediate family with me, SC/USA.

Quite amazing – would like to visit this when completed in 2019, a perfect treat to myself if I survive till then! Wonder if it will be like being in a submarine??  Watching the quiet underwater realm in a big aquarium is exceptionally calming and hypnotizing for me. Above 3pix downloaded from below link.

Thu: tkx Zarina for dinner@Soup Restaurant VivoCity. Nice to catch up and show you where Michael (may he RIP) used to visit during the CNY – nostalgic to be in the neighbourhood of my childhood home-grounds.

The Food Republic here must be one of the better ones,

festive with the red lanterns and foods tastefully presented. Looks like we will both be travelling and will not catch up until Dec.