Hello Oct 2017

5 Oct 2017 – No Way To Start The Week&Month 🙁 

Mon: condolences, thoughts and prayers to those affected in the Las Vegas shooting – 50+dead, 500+injured, 64yrs local gunman Stephen Paddock, killed himself.


Going down memory-lane with PA – Victoria Theater&ConcertHalls, Empress Place,


The Arts House (Old Parliament House) unaware of the on-going Lotus Sutra Exhibition 法华经展 — A Message of Peace and Harmonious Coexistence.

Late lunch@OneRafflesPlace foodcourt, The Arcade, where Uncle BengWah, Hong&PA’s father’s office was located many moons ago.

Clifford Pier built in 1933, was a landing point for immigrants and other sea passengers. A red oil lamp used to hang from the pier as a guide to seafarers, earning the pier the Chinese name 红灯码头=RedLampPier.

The pier was used as a terminal for tourists and day trippers who boarded small boats and ferries heading for the Southern Islands. Today no longer the location to board boats or ferries but an affluent lobby/eatery (known for their Heritage Afternoon Tea) to The Fullerton Bay Hotel with views of the Maine Bay financial area. MBS, Esplanade&the surroundings &Monti.

Galleries with post-boxes of the past and the bakery@Fullerton Hotel.

Soul vistas where 2artistsIdris Ali &Jeffrey Wandly explore SIN streets, landscapes and landmarks in watercolour, ink and acrylic to capture the essence and soul of our city.

More shopping back@Little India again.

Tue: Grandmother Tongue****@SOTA. It is the story of anyone lucky enough to grow old and therefore unlucky enough to no longer fit into the boxes a society requires to build its future. Excellent performance by, especially JalynHan who is in her 50s and played the 80+yrs grandmother.


Wed: Happy Mid-Autumn 中秋節快樂 to those celebrating. This festival is synonymous with colourful lanterns, moon-cakes and admiring the moon (if weathers permit!). Today is 八月十五15day of the 8month in the Lunar/Chinese calendar – lovely cool&wet to start the day with happy memories.

Pix credits of #6 to May, looks like also a wet day in OSL. Receiving pix of the grandchildren always put 🙂  on the face and in the ♥


An afternoon in Chinatown to do some last min shopping and some snacking at my top favourite location for shaved-ice@Mei Heong Yuen Dessert****味香园甜品 – pix credits to Leonard.

Tkx to Jo for dinner and appreciations to Pat&David+Lucas&Beth for the short evening walk. Good-night and thank you to the beautiful and full Moon for the attempts to show face in between the clouds.


Thu: sending PA to the airport. Safe journeys to her and bye for now – who knows when our paths will cross again?

So, old friends, now it’s time to start growing up, taking charge, seeing things as they are, facing facts, not escaping them, still with dreams, just reshaping them, growing up –  Stephen Sondheim

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