Walking From Carlton Hotel

28 Sep 2017 – To Little India

Tue: meeting up with 四 (who just turned 80 and will be admitted to SGH next week for heart procedure) and Daisy for lunch in Chinatown  She is in good spirits and their house-help seems a promising one. Was tempted to get this promotion@OG but decided against it as the present life-style does not justify for one, but might be good to have when away making food for the MaGnificent6

Wed: tkx PA for another breakfast@Carlton Hotel***Like this shot of a sleeping rickshaw bicyclist with the far background of the Carlton on top of the reflection of CHIMJES.

National Design Centre – Building Memories cover featuring the former National Theatre 国家剧场 designed by AlfredWong, PuiAh’s cousin. VWvan for Calvin 🙂

PA was craving for SotoAyam=Malay chicken-soup and one of the best (personal taste) can be found at Pondok Makan Indonesia@270 #01-123 QueenSt.

LASALLE College of the Arts appropriately located@1MacNallySt – fond memories of bro Joe, someone who crossed paths during the IGAS committee days! Was blessed to have known him.

Albert Court – old against the new effects with the HDB blocks and the row of shop-houses’ architectural design. The courtyard here has a nice ambiance for evening drinks.

Rohor Rd – where the entrance into Little India is now beautifully decorated with colourful&cheerful lights especially as Deepavali (18Oct-celebrated by Hindus across the world to mark the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness) gets nearer!

After some shopping, dinner@Mustafa Rooftop Garden/Kebabs & Curries***is a nice location to cool down and chill before walking back to the hotel as tomorrow is another day and looking forward to another goodnight sleep zzzz 🙂

Thu: In Time To Come**Tan PinPin’s documentary on everyday scenes in SIN does not speak to me nor did it catch my attention in other ways. One of the few thoughts in my mind was when a tree was being chopped down – a pity but then the roots of the Ficus benghalensis, Banyan Tree are known to destroy buildings, etc when left to grow. So it had to make way for more buildings…


In Time To Come is distant, cold and sometimes surreal observation of Singapore society. The film is in itself a time capsule – Luciano Barisone

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