Wet And Grey Days

7 Sep 2017 – Calm Before The Storm

Mon: Happy Bday M and good luck to her last year in her 30s! This glass-painting from her godfather is absolutely and beautifully delicate. The question is – where to hang it? M is home with a cough and B with a flu, not a good start for the week and not a good day to have to get things done for a class-party! C’est la vie and things have to be done as life goes on.

Tue: Happy 6Bday to #6, youngest grandchild Olai. How can 6yrs have gone by so quickly?? Seems like yesterday when I carrying him in a baby carrier backpack for walks around Majorstuen! So true for this proverb – Time & Tide wait for none. 

Now the MagniFicent 6 are all in school with #1 driving (pix credits to L) and #5&6 in 1stGrade.

The day started with gifts and a doughnut before school. Tkx to Clem, Sue & Aileen for all the Pokémon stuff and nightlights from me brought over from SIN. Bday or no bday, it is still a school-day today and off to school he must.

Tkx to Kris&Mette for taking time to meet. Always fun to catch up with a cuppa@Bicks.

Mette tells me that they want to close down Feiringklinikken – the hospital where I had my heart ablation, hope not as it is a good hospital.


Have signed the petition, hope and pray that it will remain open.


Got all the stuff and set-up into the school before 1700hrs and looks like 20kids from Class1A had a blast. Thank you to all for your well wishes. After organizing, setting up and cleaning his class-party at the school, both parents, including myself are completely wiped out. But all worth it to hear him say – this is the best Bday ever.

Not being used to such a big group of kids, was overwhelmed with them+gifts and a minor incident. Had to take a short stroll around the hood at Damplassen. How did I ever manage to raise 2kids??

Lovely evening and no doubt that Fall is in the air with some of the birches turning yellow. It is a blessing to be able to feel at ease and secure in all these places I have lived and still enjoying them.

Wed: grey wet day, and the forecast will be such for the rest of the week – good days to mend O jeans (2down, 1more to go) and cook. The basil-plants by the kitchen window are perfect for today’s spaghetti-sauce dinner.

Thu: have been on a go since my arrival. Need to calm down for a few days before shopping and packing back for SIN. Be safe, especially to those who are in the areas where Hurricane Irma is heading – thoughts are with all my friends in FL. Pix credits CNN: parts of the Caribbean island of St. Martin are left flooded after Irma hit.


Rain, whose soft architectural hands have power to cut stones, and chisel to shapes of grandeur the very mountains –  Henry Ward Beecher