25 Sep 2017 – Local Soap-Opera

Posted this on FB Wed 13 Sep 22.25hrs was feeling under the weather, jet-lagged and being deprived of a public holiday! This made my day – one of the best I have seen. Hope that she will win. Tkx Yukie for the share. Do like her sense of humour and hats off to anyone who can make Simon blush.

Fri: congratulations and so happy for this very talented sweet young lady, Darci-Lynne who deserves this win. All the best to her and hope that her sweet modest innocence will stay with her as long as possible.


Posting the above link here and hopefully can one day look back again with a smile 🙂 when times are not so smiley!

Sat: for my Norwegian family&friends, this must be good news!


Tanglin is a SIN local drama produced by Mediacorp started in 2015. The plan was 199episodes, but today running into 500+episodes and possibility up to 800eposides. Decided to do a Tanglin Marathon on-line since I have not seen 1-500, so far only got up to 100episodes. Being back in SIN surroundings, can understand and relate to its popularity.

Because Singaporeans are incredibly cosmopolitan, we steadfastly kept away from stories or characters that would be a copy of anything else out there. Our stories come from a mishmash of personal experiences, the news, everything we’ve seen, heard, experienced in Singapore. We’ve actually received responses from Singaporeans overseas, who tell us how much we remind them of home yet we’ve also got tweets and emails from non-Singaporeans who can relate to the universal themes – managing executive producer Tan Wei-Lyn

Sun: welcome back to SIN from Vancouver and Happy Bday to PuiAh. A delightful evening was had by all. Hong, PA&I share fond childhood memories from the 1950s!

Tkx to Hong for dinner@TangYun***Tanglin Club.

Garry, and everyone in that area, take care and be safe – the number of tremors recorded at Bali’s Mt Agung volcano has increased again with warnings it could erupt at any time.


Mon: today&tomorrow must be some special very days, count 9months backwards and figure out why??? 🙂 Today Happy Birthdays to Elsie, Emily, Kat Lori. Pauline, Tamagoh; tomorrow – Annette, Randy, Stephanie, Tom, Zarina, and to others who are also celebrating their bdays today. A good week to all.

Busy day with PuiAh – breakfast@Carlton Hotel,

views of our old CHIJ Chapel, Church of St Peter&Paul+CC and Cathedral of Good Shepherd from the 19floor – seems like this hotel is surrounded by churches!!!

Gardens by the Bay,

and both Chinatown&GardensByTheBay are decked colourfully and ready for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Tkx PA for lunch@Michelin star Hawker Chan. Hope that today has tired me out enough to give at least 7hrs of sleep tonight, dreaming! to get back to SIN time after a busy day at the Gardens&Chinatown where Mid-Autumn Festival is definitely in the air and when the real Fall colours have be man-made! Goodnight&sweet dreams to all.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep – Shakespeare

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