An 80th Birthday Celebration

1 Apr – Goodbye Mar Hello Apr 

Mon: everything was unpacked and put to place before the end of the day. The love-hate feeling of packing, travelling and unpacking! Should have not unpack, but will be heading to different climate and places next week. Sometimes I do wonder it is only me who dread packing and unpacking??

Tue: @CC to check out gears. Dinner@Les&Ivy and many tkx for the tax-free goods. It will have to be a VERY special before I open this bottle of bubbles!!

Wed: shopping for Jo’s 80Bday gift and saw this cute Vesper with a side-car@Suntec. The sign hanging there states – Children Only. The Vespa is fragile. Please be gentle 🙂  I would have been more gentle with it than any child! Could not resist this vanilla souffle@Hoshino Coffee***but no coffee. Have to go back there for breakfast one day and then will have the coffee.

Pick up all my gears@CC tkx to Calvin.

Thu: after the sky opened up at noon, a lovely wet and cool afternoon. Shopped at the Daiso@City Square Mall as there is a better selection in that branch. More shopping at the airport and there one does not have to pay 7%GST. Easy to take the MRT with one change direct to the airport and no need to deal with the rains. Above 3 pix downloaded.

Fri: TGIF. Happy 80th Bday to sis Jo – proud grandmother with her grandchildren pix credits to David. Jo&her immediate family, Michael, Pat-Lynn&David, Lucas, Beth and Sue-Lynn.

Some of the siblings and their spouses. Left-right sitting: PohKit, Jo, Ivy; standing: Les, Joyce, Lawrence, Michael & me. Pix credits to David. The dinner party group – sitting from left-right: Lawrence, Michael, Jo, PohKit; standing: Joyce, Kiera, Pat, Pat-Lynn, Beth, Lucas, Sue, Clement, Alywin, me and David.

Thanks to Michael, Pat Lynn, David and Sue Lynn for a wonderful 80Bday celebration. A great time was had by all young and old@Imperial Treasure, Great World City****

Sat: time to pay respects to our parents@Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex. 15th day after the Spring Equinox is the ChingMing Festival 清明节 Tomb-Sweeping Day making the place packed with ppl and smoke in the weekend.

Lunch&dinner@Les&Ivy. Appreciations for all the delicious foods from Jo, Les&Ivy. Good to have another family gathering before Lawrence flies off to KCH tomorrow.

Who needs April Fool’s, my entire life is a joke – hahaha 🙂 So today I can tell everyone that I am heading towards Mt Everest.

Irene Hoe: No lah, just say you have just made it to the summit. April 1 what!

Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever – Charles Lamb

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