Perth 2017/2

27 Mar 2017 – Applecross With The Leungs

Fri: TGIF from the delightful neighbourhood of Applecross – Stenocarpus sinuatus, known as the Firewheel Tree and Cassia fistula, known as the GoldenRain Tree.

The pelicans here have marked their territory on the lamp-posts and have made their landmark as sculptures on the roof-top of the gas-station.

Enjoy grocery shopping, so much new to see. Good idea and looks attractive too with these shades for the roof-top car-parks. Nice place this Waterford Plaza, with all kinds of International foods…

even my fav SIN Old ChangKee currypuffs!

Seafood shopping@Booragoon, a suburb of Perth is the Aboriginal name for the lower reaches of the Canning River.

A good fresh variety for shell-fish lovers, including a ‘Run-away Abalone’ – lol 🙂

Tkx to Les of a seafood dinner@Joe’s Shack in Fremantle with family: bros Lawrence, Les, nephew Larry, extended family: bro-in-law Michael and his nephew Robert, Gertrude&Geoffrey and their son Tony.


Sat: heading out bright and early for the Farmers Market on Manning located on the campus grounds of Clontarf Aboriginal College. Most interesting flavourful native Australian limes.

One of the best breakfasts, Gozleme from The Turkish Saj with the unique sound of the didgeridoo in the background.

Perfect weather and ambiance. Could not resist buying honey, mushrooms, leather goods,

best grapes in this life-time so far (Les bought 6kg to take back to SIN), local flowers which I arranged for a center-piece. Peggy’s purchase covered all her kitchen counter as she will be preparing a retirement party for 20+ppl tonight.

Appreciate to meet up with YeeHong&MinFong, YeeSang&Frank (who had to take off before this pix), YeeChit&Angela – all of Peggy’s siblings+their spouses who were all coincidentally in town, and  that is not the usual case! Tkx for dim-sum lunch@Imperial Court****good food, but seemingly the owner has a different attitude where service is concerned!!

One of the world’s largest musical instruments, The Bell Tower (1999) houses the Swan Bells in a 82.5 metre high tower located within Barrack Square.

On level six – the Observation Deck, 360º views of the Swan River, Kings Park, City of Perth…

The view of the city from the other side of the river – South Perth. Tkx to YeeSang for the city walk.

Sunset walk@Kings Park, tkx to YeeChit& Angela.

Yummy BBQ dinner (King-prawns, steaks, lamb-chops and fish) prepared by the Ongs@Aurora. What a blast to be able to have a house-warming with the fireworks – time to pop the champagne with the cigars for the owner! Family pix credits to YeeChit. Those who know me also knows my love-hate relationship with fireworks!

A dim-sum conveyor-belt (yes, sushi – here is my first with dim-sum which was so-so). Ian ironing my blouse ( I would also stay married if I had a hubby like him 🙂 ). Annya, a dog who does not know how to eat a bone (she sadly carried it in her mouth crying, and this is for-real). Joel must have the largest most unusual cacti collection. All my shopping, mostly gifts for ppl!!

Sun: safe&sound back in SIN after a wonderful week in Perth. Tkx to Peggy&Ian for putting me up and for putting up with me; appreciations to the Leungs, Puddeys, Ongs, Wence&Chris, my 2 bros Lawrence, Leslie and nephew Larry.

The Leungs and our family go way back a long way, and we are also related by marriage. Mother’s bro-in-law Henry LEUNG is Peggy’s paternal grandfathers brother, ie her grand-uncle. Thus that makes her my niece! Pix from SIN 1954-57 – 5 Temenggong Rd. VanKleef Aquarium with Les, YeeSang (on my mother’s lap) Peggy, YeeHong and auntie June (before YeeChit). The old Turf Club visiting father’s and uncle Vincent’s race-horses.

IMG_4012Front left-right: Peggy LEUNG, LEUNG YeeHong, me, uncle Henry LEUNG, uncle Vincent LEUNG; Second row: LOW YokeSau (2nd sis-in-law), auntie June, TSENG MayLan (mother); Third row: LAM KwokKiong (2nd bro, the first of the green generation to pass away)LAM TinYue (father), EU KengLun (a close family friend and the former Lee Wah Bank director and the Eu Yan Sang family).


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