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23 Oct 2016 – To Count & Be Grateful With Your Blessings
Thu: in and out of MP Polyclinic under 2hrs with a check-up and a month of medications. Good to catch up with Gel and to see that she is OK. At MtE, so glad and relief to see that everything went well with Ivy.


Tkx to Les for a yummy celebration dinner@Takashimaya Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine*****


The sauteed baby shrimp with honey peas and black truffle oil is delicious, deep-fried eel nice and crunchy and good pan-fried pork bun are all new to me. 3above pix downloaded.


Fri: TGIF. Food shopping (favourite kind of shopping!) for the mini fried soft-shell crabs which are perfect finger food with champagne. Unfortunately after the renovations@Scotts Isetan, could not locate them. Got some mini sauages@Takashimaya basement food stall. They went down quite successfully with my mustard concoction sauce!


Besides his mussels and Empurau Wang Pu Liao/忘不 fish dish (pix from previous postings),  my bro Les makes the best Kampot Black-peppered Crab (pix credits to David). Good to catch up with Ivy’s cousin, Irene & family – David and Cindy. Sorry that Soakkoon is missing this.


13f0710780ad4ba910796237_originalSat: visited bro Steven at the home and Ivy at MtE. First time to see such a clean machine and also to witness the scrubbing of the sugar-cane before juicing@Bukit Merah View Hawker Centre. With lemon is my preference, some like it with sour-plum.

Good variety and decent food, but wished that the Char KwayTeow was served with calamansi.


Preparing and looking forward to cousin Yun’s visit from Toronto to show that here in SIN she can have 3different meals (without preparing or repeating any) everyday for 21days and also with the different ways to eat with.


And if you are using your hands to eat, plx remember to wash them well.

Sun: looking forwarding to attending The Flying Dutchman tonight. More details for next posting as it will probably deserve a posting on its own. Have not been to an opera for ages and will probably need the time and  space for the plot.

No opera plot can be sensible, for people do not sing when they are feeling sensible – Wystan HughAuden

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