7 Oct 2106 – Airports


img_1988Tue: arr SIN airport, objective thoughts – my favourite airport so far! Plane landed ahead of schedule but was parked slightly off-alignment to the jet-way, error from Qatar airlines pilot. Waited app 10mins to be tugged to place and everything went smoothly after that. Was even offered drinks FOC while waiting for the luggage which took app 5mins. Caught the bus (costing less than S$1) and was back in the flat less than an hr after d-boarding the plane.

Was thinking how I had to wait 1+hr at the pass-control when I landed from SIN-OSL (Qatar) in Aug, and then waited nearly an hour for luggage upon arr from TOS-OSL (Norwegian NOK1,598 S$272RT) yesterday. Administration@OSL/Gardermoen Airport does need much improvement. Thank goodness flight from OSL-SIN (Qatar US$764 S$1,046RT) was not until 4hrs later.


Just because I have to travel like such does not mean that I like it, but if I do not, how can I get to see family and friends who live all over the world? Takes awhile to re-adjust to everything after being away for a couple of months. Welcome home is what is usually said to me when I get back to SIN, but was feeling just as much at home when with family and friends who I appreciate and cherish.


After 4airports, 16+hrs on 3different planes, lost count of the movies!! safe and sound stretching on any clean bed feels good.

imagesWed: usual thing to do is to get a hair-cut (S$5) when back in SIN. Had to watch Wild Oats***(S$4for seniors@Shaw cinemas, S$4.50@GV+others) before it is taken off the big screen.  A senior-citizen adventure-comedy where Shirley MacLaine (do usually enjoy her acting and this was no exception) stars as a woman who heads off the Gran Canaria with her best friend after receiving $5mil cheque by mistake. Pleasant entertainment when jet-lagging and did not fall asleep 🙂

img_2053Thu: believe it or not, but this time round most of the unpacking was done by this morning – wonders never cease, or maybe am just so tired about living out of a suitcase. Shopping in Parkway and bought myself a present (S$275). Have been wanting one of these for over a decade. It is actually not as big as this image shows, just the size of a small coffee table.


LOL Leonard – does he really want me dead (even when he is not the beneficiary to my will 🙂 )?? As it is, the heart is not even pumping regularly enough to hike 10miles!! not to say 24,000miles!!!!!



Fri: TGIF and things are falling into their comfortable zones, but feeling confused. Sad to see the bigger trees gone at the jct of MC/MP Rd – all for the sake of progress! The bus-stop on MP Rd is relocated to nearer the jct of MT. Know that all these constructions of the new MRT station will bring up the value of my HBD flat but selling is not in my mind, not yet!


So impressed with this and such a brilliant idea, especially for those living with the dark winter weathers. No need to have to worry about forgetting to wear reflective accessories. 3above pix downloaded.


Following ‘Matthew’ a catogary4 hurricane causing devastation in Haiti and the surrounding areas. Now heading towards FL coast.  Take care and stay safe all in these areas. Thoughts are with them all in FL, GA & SC. Even the weather here in SIN is feeling the moods of ‘Matthew’ on the SE coast of the USA.


The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins ― Bob Moawad