19 Oct 2016 – An Attachment With Holter!


Sat: AC serviced today and have decided against the tray to be placed underneath it. Saw an AC with a tray underneath and do not like the idea if anything goes wrong and the water gets stuck in it, especially when I travel so often for extended period.



The view from the kitchen and bedroom with the roof-garden on top of the multi-storey carpark. Have been keeping an eye on the tree with the yellow flowers hoping to capture a visit from the yellow bird.


Sun: visited bro Steven at United Medicare Centre and sis-in-law, Kit in her home. Today has been a low-day, reflecting back to more joyful days in their youth where they were and still are both good people caught in a society with complications of life dramas.


On the bus, Sunday traffic on Orchard Rd – must be out of my mind to be there, but thank goodness public transport in SIN have AC and are clean and comfortable. Dropped by to CC to say hi before Calvin heads off to the US.

6b03009603_345x518_c4f859f39dMon: MtE to get blood test done and to get hooked up with the Holter equipment to monitor Afib. Movie Inferno***Tom Hanks returns to play Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor and symbologist who has to decipher clues in Florence along with his ally doctor Sienna Brooks in order to stop an engineered disease by a lunatic geneticist who wants to drastically reduce the world’s overpopulation. Too much action for an irregular heart…


Shopping@Plaza SIN and luck out@John Little’s relocation sale. Good deals for the perishable items. Stocking up for the Christmas and enjoying TipYew Chong’s mural paintings there.


891072e54b99ed6b10a49f9f6af21400Tue: could not wait to get the Holter off. After 24hrs, felt like a suicide boomer with all these wires hooked up to the body ūüôā Would have been stopped and imprisoned if I had to go thru’ any metal detector! Blood tests OK but the Afib still persistent, such is life when one ages on top of bad genes – family history of heart problems. Ivy admitted to MtE.

I’m proud of my HEART. It’s been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken, but somehow it still WORKS…

608b22e14f_345x518_7b95453c28Sully****have seen this on my laptop not long ago, but wanted to see it on a big screen.

The world witnessed the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ in 2009 when Captain Sullenberger made an emergency landing on the Hudson River, saving the lives of everyone (155) on board. Although some may view him as a hero, but an investigation threatens his reputation and career.


Serene walk along SIN River where the preparations for the 2016 River Festival are in progress. Good to know about it, cousin Yun might be interested.


img_2091img_2092Privé@ACM***by the SIN River Рnice location with a lovely breeze outside, and if you want AC, indoors can be quite cosy too. Was not hungry but needed some greens. Had only the Caesar Salad, food and service OK but then I did not try the other dishes. This location was where IndoChine was, and I do miss their summer rolls and the beef PHO.



Wed: Happy HumpDay! Fullerton Hotel, my favourite hotel lobby to enjoy a glass of bubbles or a cuppa under calm live-music from the balcony. Stumbled upon ‘Meows in Museum‘ artist¬†Svetlana¬†Petrova¬†and¬†Zarathustra¬†the¬†Cat at the hotel‚Äôs East Garden Foyer – a must for cat-people.

The troubles of modern life come from being divorced from nature – Isaac Asimov

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