Two Birthdays Celebrations

6 Sep 2016 – The Labour Day Weekend

Sat: busy getting a Pirate Garden Treasure Hunt for the youngest grandchild #6 Olai. So much to organize when planning for 10kids aged 5, especially when both parents work full-time. M being a good mother wants to bake the cakes, cupcakes and the fruit-bowl with a pirate theme. To get a longish water melon, B had to go down town to the Asian shops.


Sun: Happy Labour Day & Happy 38th Bday M. A short visit to Tromsø end of this month will revive some memories where she was born. Like me she does not want breakfast or food in bed, so a fancy smoked salmon open-faced sandwich hits the spot. B bought skolebrød/bolle=schoolbread/bun which is a type of sweet roll that consists of regular dough of yeast, custard and icing with grated coconut. It was usually put in school lunches as a dessert or sold at bake sales, hence the name.


Being a Sun, the parents decided to have O Bday party today and that he can open the gifts from his friends today. Adorable amazing grandson decided to dress himself in a vest and tie to have breakfast with us and then off to jump on the trampoline with anticipated excitement for his party.


A perfect day with gifts, home-made cakes and fruit-bowl all in a pirate theme (my contribution is the treasure-chest) as requested by the O who did not bother with his pirate outfit but was in his tie all day!


IMG_1123O was satisfied with his gifts and his guests. After the treasure-hunt, pin the donkey, and serving of bday goodies, time to bid the guests goodbye; the 3generations of guys (paternal grandfather, father and son) continued their fun with a remote-controlled car from Rich.  The grown-ups (including B dad, John who was on transit from Moss to Trondheim), relaxed with a well-deserved bottle of bubbles and some finger food before calling it the day!

IMG_1128IMG_1130IMG_1137 - Copy

Mon: Happy 5th Bday O. Today is the actual bday and more presents from the family to be opened.


Planning day at the daycare, thus no daycare and parents had to worked. A most wonderful day with him in town – Mummitrollet og det usynlige barnet@Trikkestallen Torshov, Moomin Troll & the Invisible Child, a well and tasteful presented puppet show. I would like to be able to be invisible on demand 🙂

IMG_1142 OSLIMG_1139872432852_lightbox

Trikkestallen was built in 1899 as a workshop and depot for Kristiania Sporveisselskab@Torshov. Today it works as a cultural center which was opened in 2003. Besides Ungmedia, Oslo Nye Puppet, it also houses Norway’s only Tap Dance School – That Tickle Toes.


OSL City Hall to show him the sculpture of his great-great-grandfather Magnus Poulsson, but unfortunately the building was closed for some private function. Another time. Pix of the sculpture taken in 2008. Ice-cream treat as a consolation and perhaps he might be too young to appreciate it now!


As we were walking to our tram, he saw this sight-seeing tourist train and told me that he has never been on it and have always wanted to go on it and so of course his wish was granted without a second thought – we were the only 2passengers.


Did not expect a 5yrs old would have enjoyed this 4omins ride thru’ the main tourist attractions in the OSL center, but he seemed to like it. Must have been a long tiring day as he fell asleep in my arms the last 10mins.

Happiness is spending time with people you love and creating memories that last a lifetime…

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