Sophie Turns 7

9 June 2016 – Happy Dragon Festival

Mon: a wet and rainy day, perfect for reading and snoozing. The AC service and the Tree People had to reschedule. Good day to sleep in as summer running practice does not start until tomorrow. Sophie announced that she did not want to do swimming this summer – just as well as they get to swim to their hearts’ content in the lake.

Experiencing a pinch on up top upper left thigh. Can hardly walk because of that. Being on blood thinner, am not sure what I should take? Might have stretch some muscle while trying to cover the boat yesterday. Age is taking its toll, and lacking energy…


Tue: the AC people serviced that AC and the temperatures are more comfortable. The pinch got worst early morning, decided to sleep it off and it got better in the afternoon. Seems to be better and decided to go ahead to boat for Justin’s early Bday dinner. Thank you for a serene evening (without kids!) in good company of Linn, Jeff, Barbara & Justin at Rusty Anchor Restaurant***


The sunset was absolutely stunning and such a clear sky that Mars was distinctively visible with its slight red glow. Pix credit to Linn for the group shot on the boat.

Wed: not a restful night – was trying to move in every possible position so as to avoid the discomfort. Tried massaging and maybe that helped. Less pain the morning but was still careful to not over-do the standing. Sat with my legs propped up when not in thee kitchen that seemed to help.


ta-prohmBeing a tree lover, am sad to see 8 of them go but go they must as they are destroying the driveways, AC-compressors, underground water pipes and eventually the house! Was having flash back from my 2007 Siem Reap trip seeing the power of these tree-roots in the ruins. Pix of Siem Reap downloaded. No blog pix until 2008!


Summer is full-bloom in the air. The gang and their friends were enjoying their times together on the lake. Pix credit to Linn. Lake Murray is a reservoir here in SC. It is approximately 78+sq mile and has roughly 500miles of shoreline. It was impounded in the late 1920s to provide hydroelectric power to SC. We are in one of the coves at the end of Irmo! Maps down loaded from various sites…

Just to get things in perspective – SIN is app 277+sq mile with a coastline of 120miles and a pop of 5.7million people!!! SC is app 32,020sq miles and a pop of 4.8million!!!!



Thu: Happy 7Bday Sophie, who wanted to bake her own cake – seemed like yesterday she had her first bath in the kitchen sink! Linn had to bathe her in the kitchen sink as that was a perfect height after being in the hospital for a blood clot on her pelvis, SPT. Not good with that blood clot, runs in the family and in this case both maternal and paternal sides 🙁


Even Zuno had fun at the yummy Low-Country Shrimp Boil dinner Linn made for dinner.

Happy Dragon Boat Festival – pix downloaded from various sites. Wonderful memories of my paternal grandmother making bak zhang, stuffed with pork, water chestnuts and mushrooms. And kee zhang has no filling and is eaten as a sweet, dipped in sugar or gula melaka (palm sugar in Malay) syrup.



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