Preparations For SG50

23 Jul 2015 – Are In The Air & Everywhere

Mon: CAE-ATL 35mins with 1hr+layover in ATL and my first experience at this new F gates. ATL-NRT 13hrs+ with 2hrs+layover at NRT. NRT-SIN 6hrs+arriving into SIN 23.30. Only in SIN is one welcomed with food themes!!!


Tue: after immigration at T1 is this giant chilli crab before your checked baggage even gets on the belt! T2 giant durian at the departure hall. Welcome to SIN, the Eating Haven of the World. Downloaded from some site, this plane in a hangar is getting ready to show its colours…


Wed: in zombie mode, but had to make a trip to ParkwayParade to ensure that the mobile is back to SIN SIMcard with M1. The local ‘Giant‘ grocery there has undergone a complete revamp to be a better store, and it is taking this zombie all morning to find the stuff…



Thu: the advantage of jetlag is that I am done with breakfast 0600hrs at my favourite ‘congee’ stall by the wet market. A stroll in the neighbourhood to admire the colourful decoration, especially the dressed-up HDB block. Hope to collect enough from different areas to make an interesting SG50 posting.

IMG_3533IMG_3506New containers for the offerings people burn. The old containers were rusty and worn out, but still do not agree with all these burning causing pollution. Disagree also with prayers broadcasting outside places of worship on loud speakers. No disrespect to any religion or race, but why can’t people just worship quietly within without polluting or disturbing others??


My neighbour and I are still keeping the common corridor clean and neat on our side, but unfortunately must turn a blind eye to the stairway and other side. Too tired to deal with it now but will write or talk to the people who can do something about this. Why make a rule when it is not enforced????

Ignorance and inconsideration are no excuses and certainly no way to live with a pop of over 5.4mil in an area of 718.3 kmΒ². Have only been back for 2 days and already sounding like a true SIN πŸ™‚ Blame it on jetlag πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

10953143_10153030475456794_5908921110968673271_nPixCredits Richard Koh/SIN

Need to nap if I am to attend the slide show at CC tonight! ‘Shooting Home alumnus and instructor Richard Koh is conducting a travel photography talk sponsored by Tourism Western Australia’


Happy 4 Birthday to #5 James and also happy bday to Lucas. SIN is 12hrs ahead, so not quite James bday yet in the US but for grand nephew Lucas it is his day.

Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things – Winston Churchill

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