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20 Jul 2015 – So Long To The Fabulous 5


Fri: what a lovely surprise with a visit from Scott (#1’s godfather) who was on his way to meet his family. Have been many years since we crossed paths. Today he is a father of 3boys, a PhD in Agriculture and still looking like the kid I first met at Linn’s first Bday party in FL at the skating ring 🙂


The family headed to Sugar Mts for the weekend while I stay put to pack and rest before the flight back to SIN.


Sat: life is full of surprises, These just arrived! Thank you Karen/Miss Wiggy for her thoughtfulness. Can now have my personal unbreakable traveling wine goblet. Must get it engraved someday.



Exciting places to renew in reading and more adventures (to hike the Camino) to explore in the mind! The mind is willing but the body says otherwise 🙂 🙂 New chocolate to try.

IMG_3435IMG_3437Strange to be in a quiet house without the family. Should be used to it considering that I live alone, but this is different from being in a studio-apt!

Things and clothes left here for the next round!! Rained a little in the evening, power intact but was later told by Linn that the neighbouring Lexington county where 1,800 homes lost power.


Sun: Happy 18th Anniversary to L&J who are celebrating with their family at Sugar Mts/NC.


Tkx to Jeff for dinner at Top China Buffet***Linn had a date with her running buddies.

Until we meet again, thank you for everything. 







Mon: while waiting for Linn to complete her morning run, here at a Dunkin Donuts/Devine St which opens at 0500hrs! Better here in the AC with a cup of coffee than waiting in the car!!


Good omelet with Linn at Eggs Up Grill/Devine St***before heading to the airport. Appreciate the ride, tkx Linn. Strange, took this pix at the car-park at Earth Fare while waiting and then saw the same person on the way to the airport. So long the US of A…


And so it is that time again with 20+hrs flying time and 4+hrs airport layovers CAE-ATL-NRT-SIN.

I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time – Cavin & Hobbes/Bill Watterson

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