History In The Making

15 Jul 2015 – The Confederate Flag


11208647_431130943732961_4130152819621911624_nThank you to Jan & Al for putting me up in their beautiful homes in Orlando and Ormond By The Sea. Appreciations to those who took time to meet. Jade Plant with a couple of leafs was given to me by Alonzo (Jan’s father) when I first moved to FL in the late 1980s. Gave it to Jan when I left FL in the late 1990s and today it is still thriving and growing.

Thank you Alonza for another gift, but this one will not grow!


Mon: arrived bright and early 0515hrs in the CAE Amtrak Station. Thought someone left me a car 🙂



Took some time to take a bunch of pix while waiting for Linn to finish her run before picking up a zombie!


This happened in my absence from CAE/SC. Am told that there will be groups from both sides of the black and white supremacy from NC to demonstrate here this weekend. Wonder why these people in NC will be here to cause trouble when the people here in SC do not even make such a big deal out of it???

Hope that the storms will move in that day!


Appreciations to Barbara & Justin for taking time to share a meal at Gervais and Vine Mediterranean Wine and Tapas Bar and Restaurant***Enjoyable evening in great company.

imagesCAT71YUTTue: Happy Bastille Day to all celebrating today especially to Jean-Baptiste, Marianne & Happy Birthday to Keith, who will have all the flags flying and fireworks for him, ie if they are in their home in France! Salutations pour st jour de bastille!

Still feeling like a zombie after the travels and disrupted sleep. According to an informal definition of a zombie…

A person whose behavior or responses are wooden, listless, or seemingly rote; automaton or an eccentric or peculiar person.


Word Origin and History for zom-bie

1871, of West African origin (cf. Kikongo zumbi ‘fetish;’ Kimbundu nzambi ‘god’), originally the name of a snake god, later with meaning ‘reanimated corpse’ in voodoo cult. But perhaps also from Louisiana creole word meaning ‘phantom, ghost,’ from Spanish sombra ‘shade, ghost.’ Sense ‘slow-witted person’ is recorded from 1936.

Hmmm, considering that the origin is the name of a snake god and knowing my thoughts on snakes, is it time to stop using that term???

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