Grounding Roots*****

14 Jul 2015 – Way To Tasty Healthy Living


Mon: no there is no payment involved for this posting but healthy living is something I believe and support.

‘If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?’

There are many sites you can visit to read about the benefits of all these natural juice, so take your pick and try the combinations on the menu below until you find the taste to your palate.


Congratulations to Amanda & Jed for their new venture into a business that will benefit your health and lifestyle, thus a win win for all. Best of luck to their present branch at Winter Park and another new branch in College Park.


Highly recommended to try any of these juices with all the natural and organic ingredients for healthy living. Appreciations to Amanda & Jed for the privilege of sampling them all.

Personal favourite is the #3, beets and ginger. Also tried some of the other juices in Popsicle and they are refreshingly delicious and perfect for the weather in FL.



Like their choice for location, the charming entrance to the Park Plaza Hotel***** on Park Avenue in WPK. For those are fortunate to have their memory intact, it used to be a candy store there! Was at this hotel many moons ago and one of my favourites in FL. Built in 1922, this small boutique hotel has carefully preserved the simple elegance and serves as one of its most gracious landmarks.

If you are in the WPK neighbourhood, do stop by and ask for a sample to find your choice of juice and you will not regret it when you make this your daily morning juice.

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