School Year Endings 2015

21 May 2015 – Pre-School


Mon: Irmo Middle School Media Center which overlooks some nice pond.



Thank you Katy for her performance  of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and Mozart’s Happy Dance with the Irmo Middle Orchestra Chamber Music Recital.


James at this age is fascinated with police and fire-engines and today’s audience included one of the mothers who is a police officer. Lucky boy and he got a cup cake at the end of the performance. After licking the icing he said to Linn, ‘here mommy, you can have my cup-cake’ 🙂


Tue: what a bummer with car problems. The Volvo radiator has a crack and needs to be in the workshop for a day costing US$1,000+ Being the last one to drive it, I am beginning to be paranoid about being jinx 🙁 Thank goodness Cindy is here and could help with the driving to swimming for the rest of the gang!


Wed: #5 James’ last day at Union Preschool. For Linn & Jeff, this ends a decade and era of pre-schoolers at the same location for all 5.


A gathering at the church for the year ending ceremony and to their class room to say goodbye to teachers and staff. Much about James lately as he has to hang around us but that too shall pass 🙂 🙂


Next school year, starting in Aug 2015 –  Ellie, John, Sophie and James in the same Elementary school for one year. Aug 2016 Ellie starts middle school and Katy starts high school.


The Gardiner bush is in full bloom at the backyard. Time flies and a last 2015 pix of the dandelion field – who knows what 2016 will bring!


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