A Decade Ago

26 Apr 2015 – Does Not Seem That Long Ago…


PixCredits and updates thanks to MoFo, Pokey, HiHills and Loon who are now on the AT. Looking forwarding to catching up with them sometime between May-Jun.


Would be nice to be a trail and Trillum Angel, but without the 8 pockets red-vest 🙂 PixCredits to Loon taken 23 May 2005 somewhere between Roan Mt – Dennis Cove NC/TN.

Thu: morning at Mt E. Needed the afternoon to sort out the mess with unpacking and repacking for the US. Still no camera but will update post with pix when I get one! Just staying in the AC apt to chill and rest, My times are completely upside down but will be heading for the US soon. Not too bothered about napping whenever the need is there!

7bec47f4e2_192x272_377b42e82bFri: The Longest Ride****Elderly widower Ira  recollects his memories of his late wife and their life together as she appears to him, while a few miles away, college student Sophia finds unexpected love through Luke, a cowboy who is also a bull-rider…

A fairy tale ending with attractive young casts and a feel good movie!

c24d06382f_192x272_ecad7fec67While We Were Young***Josh and Cornelia, a married couple in their mid-forties who do not have any children, start to feel left out after realizing that their other friends are already having children.

A young hipster couple Jamie and Darby catch their attention and get reminded of what it’s like to be young again…

Sat: checked out cameras at Challenger with Clement but did not buy any yet as I might inherit one. Was looking at some kitchen appliances which could be quite useful, but was put off by the staff there. Will write in to complain about that! Tkx for Clement’s patience and for food.


It poured cats and dogs both Fri & Sat afternoons and felt nice and cool after the rains.

_82566881_nepal_earthquake_624_82566884_tower-betterPixCredits BBC

Saddened by Nepal’s earthquake with death toll over 1,000. SIN prepares to send 55-man search-and-rescue team to Nepal. Prayers and thoughts out to all who are affected by this.


Sun: tkx for dinner Les&Ivy and for the Nikon CoolPix S70 camera. Need to get a battery charger and figure how to use it.

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