Easter 2015

5 Apr 2015 – Easter Sunday, The Holiest Day For Christians

Good Fri is about betrayal & crucifixion and the most holy week leading up to Easter Sunday for the Christians.


The family in US are having a blast, left in a van and a station wagon with 7people, 1dog, 2tents, 5bicycles, 2kayaks for  Edisto Island/SC.


The family in Norway are in Trondheim. Was on skype yesterday and was told that there is still snow. Olai even remembers that I like minions as he was showing me a minion as he now owns one!


Memories of those Easter days when the kids were little in Norway. I had to stock up food for the week as all grocery stores were closed then! Many would have gone to their cabins to catch the last of the snow for skiing season. Pix of Linn’s 1975 and May’s 1979 first winters and 1983 of our last family winter together once upon a time… 🙂



Fri: it is a pubic holiday here in SIN and tkx to Clem for getting his family together for a delicious Cantonese Good Friday lunch. It must have been a decade ago since my last meal at LeBai****at Sheraton Towers.



Appreciations to Daisy who works at Disney for a new adventure at the Sandcrawler building recently opened in Fusionopolis.


In 2012, The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and announced that it would produce three new films, with the first film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, planned for release in 2015. How exciting for Disney and Star War to join forces. May the force be with them.

IMG_8319 IMG_8323IMG_8322

The Star Vista located within one-north, SIN biomedical, infocomm technology and media hub is a stone-throw from the Buona Vista MRT station.


An urban mall with more eateries than shops. Supposedly naturally cooled mall but it was way too hot for me and felt dizzy. A 5,000 seater performing arts centre is located here.

Dinner at Les&Ivy as Lawrence is in SIN on transit to KCH


IMG_8347Sat: thank you Gel for gift from Iceland. Cannot have enough of these Blue Lagoon mineral moisturizing cream. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Iceland.

Pity that Campers’ Corner did not have your size for the Chaco sandals’ sales. This is a very good sale. Tkx to Calvin, I now own a pair of ‘city Chaco’, a lighter version than the usual ones. Will test them out!


Wishing them at CC a profitable sales and Happy Easter with devilled eggs, roast chicken, salad, cheese, banana bread and mocha swiss-roll. Freddie has promised to make me a cup out of this pink Moscate bottle. Looking forward to it when I return from the US



Sun: woke up to this, but did not have time to stay. Felt like the whole MP police force was gathered here! Very safe in my neighbourhood this Easter Sunday. Marine Parade Neighbourhood Police Centre Rollout of Community Policing System and installing U-Locks to bicycles!


Appreciations to Les&Ivy with Lawrence and Jo for brunch at OldTiong Bahru Buk Kut Teh****the family’s favourite ‘Buk Kut Teh’ joint 肉骨茶=meat bone tea consists of meaty pork ribs simmered for hours in a complex broth of herbs and spices, including star anise, cinnamon, cloves, dang gui, fennel seeds and garlic!


A must to Wu Hu Aquarium just across the road to those rearing fish, but of course not for eating 🙂



Lawrence has not been to the National Museum since it was renovated! Took him for the LKY exhibition and there is also a good exhibition on ‘Singapura 700 Years’. Must return to have a more detail look before it is packed up by 10Aug

Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life – Janine di Giovanni

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