Welcome Feb 2015

31 Jan 2015 – Goodbye Jan


Wed: strolling around the Tyrwhitt Road to the General Store searching this book for KK. Success and took some time to explore this area.


The new Coffee Up***the former Chye Seng Huat Hardware has interesting trees and hopefully they will survive in these pots here in the tropics.


These roof tops are all within 5mins walk from each other. Hopefully SIN will keep learning from the diversity of these different cultures and religions.


Lavender St is another interesting area to walk about when not too hot! It is quite amazing to see the contrast of the old and new in the backgrounds. There is even a 24hrs Michelin Star Dim Sum joint Tim Ho Wan at Aperia Lavender.


Lunch at Paragon’s So Phở, So Good**and trying to understand why this place and NamNam**are so popular, always with long lines during lunch hours? No second visits to these locations on my side. Sorry to hear of KimLeong passing yesterday. May he RIP. Condolences his family.


Met up with Clem for a picnic dinner on the roof top of the Esplanade. Nice to have a quiet and cool area.


Thu: nice to have cousin (from paternal grandmother’s branch – CHAN) Karen for a 3hrs lunch. Thank you for wonderful company and lovely Japanese goodies. We seldom get to chat during the CNY visit. Glad to know her better and to have her cross this life’s journey.


Fri: good to be back at Chinese classes which I enjoy. Had a bite before class. Our Chinese teacher makes the lesson interesting and easy to remember these characters, eg

ren  = person – looks something a body with 2 feet. da = big –  a person with outstretched arms. tian = sky – adding a roof on top of a big person becomes the sky.

In this way, will certainly always remember these characters.


After class, walked around Chinatown to soak in the pre CNY ambience before the crowds. Light up for the CNY is tomorrow, Sat night and I will stay far far away from here…

Dropped by to CC to say hi to people but both Calvin and Sam are in China. Was too tired to stay in town and headed back by bus, only to fall asleep and miss my stop. Decided to take a snooze back in the apt before heading into town again, which was a wise decision.


Has been a very long time since I have had such a good laugh, tkx to Clem HOSSAN-AH! Safe and Secure in His LEONG Arms*****at the Drama Centre Theatre. Hossan LEONG is a very talented local actor and comedian who has never failed to crack me up. Non-SIN might get lost in translation with him!


Thank you May for supper at Raffles City Marché**Hossan, Clem, Garfield! and May made my day! Still in search of a good smoked duck pizza after tasting David’s/Food For Thought where he was first located.


Sat: did not plan to go into town, but Clem is so considerate and sweet to get an iPhone for me, Unfortunately my budget plan does not include a data plan and unable to load many of the Apps. So remaining back in the dark ages for hp… lol. Tkx Clem for trying! Picnic lunch at the Esplanade amphitheater under a roof in a cool breeze with a Merlion view! Just happy being away from the maddening crowd in the sun.

Need to get a goodnight sleep so that there is enough energy to attend a funeral tomorrow morning

Perhaps in time the so-called Dark Ages will be thought of as including our own – Lichtenberg

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