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27 Jan 2015 – ICA/Another Acronym!

Sat: rest rest rest and what a wonderful day to do nothing besides having one unit for the AC re-serviced.


Sun: bought this origami book at the Bras Basar used book store. Have been meaning to get one for many years and now that I have it, unable to locate my origami paper – typical, but no worries they will turn up when I am looking for something else 🙂


Thank you to Clem and his family for lunch at Grand Asia****The last time in this venue must have been nearly 10yrs ago for 4th aunt’s Bday celebrations, that was my first taste of salted eggs crab and it was delicious. Today there for dimsum. The purple generation is growing up too fast for me to even remember Stanley, Darryl&Andrew’s age. But what can I expect when I need Linn&May to remind me of my own 6 grandchildren’s age 🙂 🙂


Tea and dessert at Food for Thought***it has also been while since the last visit here. When David, the owner opened his first location at North Bridge Rd/opp the National Library was where he made the best duck pizza. That location has since closed and now they are located here, the National Museum and SBG. I do miss his duck pizza.


Interesting art décor outside SAM at 8Q=Singapore Art Museum at 8 Queen St, just looking at a long name, one can perhaps understand why we used acronyms here in SIN.


I, for one am probably the biggest culprit to using acronyms! So if any of my overseas families or friends get slightly lost in translation, plx do not hesitate to ask.


More interesting dĂ©cor around the corner of St Joseph’s Church/Victoria St.


Sun dinner, the best mussels tkx to Les&Ivy. Isebella/SunSun, a sweet 7yrs was fun to chat with and surprisingly she likes the mussels too. She was telling me what Pri 1 is like nowadays. Les home-cooked mussels is soooo gooood and believe me, I have tasted, digested tons of mussels around the world and his is the best so far, the next is probably those in Iceland!


Mon: made an appointment online some weeks ago to collect my re-new passport at 1000hrs, Was there 0945 to get a Q# which blinked on the board on the dot of 1000. Am impressed. 5yrs ago, it was the same and did not even have to wait then as I was there 0800.

5189aec284_500x670_26b8ecb1f8[1]Watched White Bird in a Blizzard***a 2014 French-American drama thriller of a teenage girl, Kat Connor whose mother goes missing when Kat was 17, causing her life to turn into chaos. It is based on a novel of the same name by Laura Kasischke. interesting twist to the ending – anyone going into any of the Lido cinemas at Orchard Shaw Centre remember to bring a jacket or something to keep warm. The ACs there are really powerful!


Shopped and had dinner with Clem at IKEA as I needed to pick up some food there. Decided to buy a couple of plastic hanging containers to hang my herbs above the kitchen sink and these slightly new designed colourful plastic cups, bowls, plates and cutlery. There are 6 different colours and good for the 6 grandchildren! Also for outdoors, the disposable ones are too flimsy!

To all who are affected by this severe storm not only in the NE but also the South of USA, please stay safe, indoors and warm,


Tue: breakfast at Ah Seng Bak Kut Teh***Pork Ribs Soup on N Bridge Rd. S$6 is on the steep side for a bowl of soup but it tasted decent. Chunks of garlic are in tact in the skin, but when the skin was removed, it was the perfect consistency for this particular dish. Doubt if any vampires will dare to approach me today 🙂 🙂 🙂


Continued to the National Library and was so excited to find a map on display with #5 Temenggong Rd on it. Made my day and gave back some inspiration to continue with the family tree. Need to find a better way to download this map, but for the time being content to be able to take pix and see them thru’ the display glass box.



Always something new and interesting to see and learn at the library. 16Jan – 19Jul: Geo Graphic celebrating maps and their stories. When you know how to read maps and providing that they are correct, you can never get too lost…



This is the reason why I was in town today – World Press Photo 14 at the Raffles Hotel and the last day will be this Sun. Today is the last opportunity for me, and yes the pix are amazingly impressive but also depressing. Why does the majority winning pix have to be such? Anyway, took pix of the ones I like best and the poster is one of them. A must see for all photographers!


While waiting for the bus by Raffles Hotel – thoughts of Somerset Maugham and Rudyard Kipling were in the mind as both were in this location with their writings.

I am not yet too old to learn – Maugham

A woman’s guess is much more accurate than a man’s certainly – Kipling

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