A Fantastic Ghost Wedding****

4 Dec 2014 – Hello Dec

56a065c673_500x670_ce414e9e3f[1]This comedy drama tells the story of a young popular medium, who is hired by a Chinese ex-singer to find a spouse for her dead teenage son. The chosen bride turns out to be an unexpected person, and this snowballs into a series of events culminating in a Chinese ghost wedding…

Fantastic movie but like many of the SIN movies, you need to know the lingo or will be lost in translation. Constructive message to controlling and naggy! mothers…


Mon: last funny for 2014 Thanksgiving 🙂 Goodbye Nov – Hello Dec. Advent calendar is up. Those who are not familiar with this advent calendar – it is a piece of embroidery with 24 pockets switched by hand (took some years!). Will place a thank you note in different languages for 24days. Gratitude and well wishes are not just for the holiday season but for everyday.


Tue: lunch at Kallang Wave with Chem. New signs as to what NOT to do in the during events in the stadium!! Sometimes I do wonder if SIN tops the world where signage as not what to do are concerned 🙂


Good to see the Skate Park, Library and the Climbing Wall in good use.


Clem headed off to see the tennis while I went for a nice swim with a whole lane to myself. Happy to finish most of the Christmas shopping and hope to get those that need to be mail + the old-fashion snail mail greetings out by Mon. What a lovely productive day. The bus stops to & from the stadium are nearly completed and only just 15mins ride for me with a choice of 2 direct buses.


Wed: pot-luck dinner with Lynne from UK who is back to visit with her grandchildren. Good to have an annual catch-up with CHIJ classmates from 1962. Pix clock-wise: Penny, LaiToe, Cheng Hwa (the last time I saw her was in 1965), Lynne, Peggy, Shirley, Evelyn and Sylvia. Mary and Angela joined us later. Tkx for getting us together and safe trip back to UK.

Looking forward to tomorrow for the first show of the SIN 25th International Film Festival/SGIFF. Bought tickets to see 10 movies and the last one will be on Sun 14 Dec. Yeah!


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