Dec 2014

1 Dec 2014 – Forecast For Another Busy Month Ahead!

Goodbye Nov and what a busy month it has been.

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Raw and untouched beauty in Iceland – an awesome place and even ‘more awesomer’ (as my grandniece would put it – It is so awesome it defies the rules of grammar ūüôā ), if and when you can be there in person to experience the country and the people. A place I would like to revisit some day!



Fri: appreciations to all at the Iceland PPP/Campers Corner, especially to Calvin, Sam and Seng Teong. Tkx to a great audience for their attention. Thinking of Leo & Chris, my high-tech gurus who were not able to be with me but grateful to Seb, Henry, Diesel and Roy for their help. With Thanksgiving and the Iceland PPP behind, can now focus on Christmas.


Sat: Happy Bday JW.¬†Today 8yrs ago, #3 grandchild and only grandchild born here in SIN. Linn&family and May were attending their cousin’s Pat& David’s¬†wedding here in SIN then.¬†At present¬†the Halls are at Sugar Mts/NC. Tkx Linn for picking out a present (Elasmosaurus – notice how the weapon is aiming at it ūüôā ) for JW on my behalf. Only a mom can know what their children really wants!


Sun: first Sunday of Advent and last day of Nov 2014 Рlooks like there is good snow for skiing in Sugar Mts/NC. Tkx to Jo for lunch & dinner


For those who are not aware, this is NOT good, as I had to explain to a health official who was testing and certifying me to be competent to work in public kitchens! The main cause of red tides was the release of large amounts of untreated sewage into the sea. Tkx to Martin in HKG for the share of his amazing photography and the awareness.

Special Dec dates:

14 Happy Bdays Ingrid HUSTAD & LAM Cheng Chwab

16 Happy Bday Andy LAM

23 Happy Bday Minos LAM

24 Happy 14th Anniversary Patricia LAM & Albert CHUA

25 Merry Christmas

27 Happy Bday Lisa XIAO

An old outdated Nordic joke says that it is easy to find your way out from the Icelandic forests – just stand up.

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