SIN 25th International Film Festival/SGIFF

8 Dec 2014 – Snail-Mail Has To Go Today!



Thu: Dankon/Esperanto thank you. Opening of the 25th SGIFF at Lido by Minister of Communications and Information – Minister Yaacob Ibrahim with Ken Kwek’s debut feature Unlucky Plaza***is a black comedy that touches upon crimes and misdemeanours. Father. Restaurateur. Hostage taker. How did one man’s financial woes spiral into a harrowing crisis that captivated the world?


Fri: Sağ ol/Turkish for thank you to Evelyn who has managed to convince joining her Chinese class to see if I would learn anything! Appreciations to Yang & Yindi for a free trial Chinese class, have not been to a Chinese class since 1962! They make it interesting enough for me to want to return for more classes at the Poet’s Society after the Dec holidays!


flm-3Seconds-Filmstill2-b[1]SIN Panorama Shorts 1/Wedding Portrait, 3 Seconds, Three Little Pigs and The Longest Distance Relationship. These short clips shown at Gallery Theatre Basement of the Nation Museum/NMS are not my cup of tea but just wanted to check it out. Thus it would not be quite fair to rate them.


Sat: Cảm ơn bạn/Vietnamese thank you. Catching the bus this morning in the pouring rains (a motorcyclist had to take shelter at the bus-stop) and returning in dry weathers in the late afternoon! Crossing the overhead bridge in warm sunshine. No wonder these flowers boom so beautifully with plenty of sun & rain.

IMG_6466The OBS: A Singapore Story: following a local band, The Observatory (never heard of them) and observations about being creative in SIN. Not my kind of music (apologies to the band, but to my ears it was noise, not music!) but interesting to hear their views about trying to be creative in SIN.

Again not fair to rate this.

Dropped by at Marmot/Novena to say hi to Chris and was considering to check out Orchard Rd later. So glad that I decided against it – Pedestrian Night started tonight and the crowds would have crushed and killed me!


Sun: Thank you/thank you for today’s 2nd Sunday of Advent and 7th day on the Advent Calendar. Snail-mail has to go by tomorrow. The pile of greetings on the right are now more or less done. Online greetings will be the norm, but there are some who still prefer the hard copies. Gift wrapping (for gifts not needing to be mailed) will be on-going until 23!



Expo MRT station is fascinating. Had been a while since the last visit in this area and have not really had a proper look until today! Opened in 2001,and is part of the Changi Airport Branch Line to the existing East-West-Line. It sports a space age architecture designed by world-renowned architect Sir Norman Foster.


Met with Clem for the last day of the MPH Book Fair. Got a decent deal for 10 children’s book at S$40 and Clem got 10 travel books. Now I know where I can borrow travel books 🙂


Lunched and shopped at ChangiCityPoint, first time in this location and also the first time to Wish Upon A Sphere – PEACE on EARTH and Good Health to All. More shopping@ IKEA/Tampines and again first time here. Discovered that there is a free shuttle from Bedok-Bus-Interchange which will be nearer for me and there is a huge Giant across the road from IKEA. Tkx Clem for an afternoon of new experiences.

This is the first convention of the space age – where a candidate can promise the moon and mean it –

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