‘Life Looks Better From Here’

18 Sep 2014 – And Anywhere When The Elements Co-operate 🙂


Tue: followed May to send Olai to his day-care and glad to see that he thrives in that environment. A great way to advertise for property ‘Life looks better from here. Top Floor for sale’


A lovely early walk into the center of town via Vika


Baker Hanson**** for a cuppa + take out lunch for Ellen and I. This fall weather is absolutely gorgeous and the plants are probably getting confused…



Oslo domkirke (built in the 1600s)=Oslo Cathedral, and the surroundings.


The IKEA bus-stop has moved from Fred Olsens gt to Dronningensgt=Queens St by the old post office. The first time at this post office was in 1967 when I was a tourist here with father. A lovely entrance on this street. This FOC IKEA bus is a good way to do some shopping there, and combining with a visit to –


Nesøya, an idyllic island 30mins drive South of OSL where we lived in the mid 1970s. The road leading to the house had only 3 house on the left and an apple orchard on the left. Loking at it now, I am glad for the time spent there then!


Thank goodness for Kolberg’s farm, the old familiar site and a view to the top of Kolsås (the area where we lived in the early 1980s). Delightful and quaint to see an old T-Ford on their private driveway. Good to catch up with Ellen and John jr who is L&M’s half bro and is staying with Ellen now.

Thank you Kris for meeting at IKEA and speedy recovery to her.

IMG_5527IMG_5517 - Copy

Farts dempere=Speed Bumps

KJØR SKATE BARN LEKER=Drive Slowly. Children Playing!

On the road to success; there’s a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends & red lights called enemies – Unknown

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