World Record

22 Sep 2014 – For Continuous Weather Presenting


Thu: was at that area a couple of days ago and wondered what it was all about. Then saw in the local news to discover that Eli Kari Gjengedal has broken the world record for continuous weather presenting. Congratulations to her. In the area again today and decided to take some pix


Thank you Leng for taking the time to catch up after your meeting at the Hotel Continental. With 2 kids and a full job, your schedule is a busy one. Comment from Leng -‘ Amy is a friend from Singapore who lived in Norway in the 70s and 80s, and we managed to get coffee at national theatre in Oslo today 🙂 We met each other when she helped me to make brochures for Fort Canning Park in 2001. 2 kids (mine) and 6 grandchildren (hers) later, we catch up yearly for the last 2 years, after we met again 2 years ago by chance in Oslo’s opera house. How small can this world get?’

And this is what happens when you are meant to stay in contact…


Fri: no day-care today and what an education and lovely day with Olai. One can learn from a 3yrs toddler. Glad to know him better and what a delightful child to be with. He is now bilingual and fun to be with.


Sat: afternoon with Claire. Good of her to take time to meet, especially when she is only here from Tromsø for the weekend to attend her nephew’s confirmation. Her kids Eva/18 and Johan/15, and difficult to imagine that she used to baby-sit L&M when she was 15. The best baby-sitter I have had.


OSL Marathon was on and not being aware of it had arranged to meet at Astrup Fearnley Museet. No problems to detour and to take pix of the race having Linn & family in mind with traumatic memories of their house fire a year ago.



A beautiful afternoon in OSL catching up, visiting the City Hall, (Claire has never been inside), National museum (by Munch self portrait)


Enjoyed a hotdog while chatting and watching life goes by at the National Theatre. With thoughts of all the grandchildren and watching the fascinating soap bubbles float by. Thank you Claire for a lovely afternoon.


Sun: laundry and upload of pix time while the family is out. Meditating over a simple lunch and admiring the fall colours in the backyard. I am truly blessed. Life is good.

Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men – Martha Graham

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