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16 Sep 2014 – Happy Birthday to Ivy

Wed: everything on schedule and sooo good to see the little one again. May made a delicious dinner. Must have been extremely tired, even Olai could not keep my eyes opened and I was out before anyone else.


Thu: getting more to my normal self. A sign of Fall in the backyard. Did not know that I could enjoy the trampoline! Youngest #6 grandchild works wonders on me and got me on it 🙂 It was absolutely blissful to just lie quietly and stared in the clear blue sky, but that of course lasted only for a minute 🙂 🙂

Fri: met with Mette for lunch but was so busy catching up that the camera was forgotten…


Sat: must be rather unfocused as I thought today was when I was supposed to have dinner at the Hustads. There I was at Tåsen 24hrs too early. Thank goodness Ingrid and HansK are such old friends and also very hospitable. Stayed on for a lovely crab dinner and chatted till late. Got back past 2200hrs. It was a another beautiful day and their tenants had their tent up, probably to air it before putting away or maybe using it as the weather is unbelievable.


Sun: OK now I am there on the correct day appreciations to the Hustads for gathering their family and Christian’s family. Good to see OleK & family. Nice to meet Christian’s family and to know that he is now safely home in Norway after 3 months in SIN.


Thank you for the delicious Fårikål=mutton in cabbage which is a traditional Norwegian dish consisting of pieces of mutton with bone, cabbage and whole black pepper cooked for several hours in a casserole is typically prepared in early autumn.

Mon: needed to rest after such a feast over the weekend… 🙂 🙂 🙂

A writer need not devour a whole sheep in order to know what mutton tastes like, but he must at least eat a chop. Unless he gets his facts right, his imagination will lead him into all kinds of nonsense, and the facts he is most likely to get right are the facts of his own experience – Somerset Maugham

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