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21 Dec 2013 –  Has Come a Long Way…


Thanks May for sharing this interesting link. Proud of my birth country, this little Red Dot which has come a long way since independence in 1965!


Believe this or not, But SIN has also made the below list…

IMG_0683Wed: at Little India to get some pants sewn. Colourful and vibrant at Tekka Market which I always enjoyed shopping and eating there, and still do. Aileen, thank you for gift and lunch at City Hall Food Court, safe journeys to you and your family and Happy Holidays to all in H&H too.

7everybodysbusiness00_450_190x272_8daa48baf6SIN production movie: Your Business is Everybody’s Business***easy and light entertainment on a very wet afternoon where the Minister of Toilets! and her officers need to get to the bottom of a toilet hygiene problem that has resulted food poisoning.

Got back to the apt to discover that I have lost my keys, first time ever…!!! What is happening this year??? Thank goodness Sue has a set, so slept peacefully without any lock-smith but double bolted the inside bolts on the door!


Thu: went back to the movie theatre at Filmgarde Bugis Illuma and thank goodness, the keys were at the ‘Lost & Found’. Appreciations to whoever who found them and delivered to the management.


Architectural Heritage House awarded nearly 10yrs ago and this house never fails to amaze me! It is like walking into a museum except that this is someone’s home. Could just sit quietly and focus the eyes at the artworks on the wall and that will bring back memories of London/UK holidays from 1980s! How delightful to be treated to a delicious lunch today and then be lavished with gifts. Thank you.



Fri: helped Henry to move into Sengkang New Town/盛港新镇, a relatively young satellite residential town located the NE. Originally a fishing village, the area is presently undergoing rapid development under the ambition of the HDB. Quite amazing to see the development, one of the 3 areas connected to the MRT by LRT.

Have learnt that SIN helps to provide a roof over your head if you are homeless provided you make the effort to pay S$50 a month and of course with much restrictions. Quite impressed by this tiny Red Dot in many ways and happy to be a Singaporean. Again this is relative as usually just here for the winter months!!


Sat: pre-Christmas family lunch buffet at Aqua Marine @ Marina Mandarin***Appreciations to Clement for hosting and including me. Nice to get a family group pix but missing bro Steven!

We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend – Robert Louis Stevenson

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