Christmas Decorations

17 Dec 2013 – More Shopping & Online Greetings to do…

Orchard Rd and Changi Airport T2 2013 Christmas lights and decorations.

These postings about Christmas are dedicated to L&M’s uncle Nils who taught me with great enthusiasm how to say all these Christmas related foods and objects in Norwegian 45yrs ago, and still remember them very well today! Nils must have been a good teacher!!

Til Nils, 1968 juleminner fra Amy

IMG_0679IMG_0678 IMG_0677

The miniature village of tiny julengler/angels, juledukker/dolls, juletre/trees, etc collected since 1968 are in place on the piano.


Christmas trees are on the piano and kitchen/dinning table. No real trees or candles. The glass tree with green balls is the latest, thanks to Audrey. The one with 24 pockets, hand-sewn by me (completed in the mid 1990s) is used as an advent calendar and still trying to learn the word thank you in 24 languages. Getting there soon 🙂


A lovely paper mobile from Olai and some local twigs and seeds sprayed painted with the Christmas colours are from 2012.


The two hand-painted plated are set on the table. The silver plate (a gift for my 30th bday from family Hustad and family Stenseth) usually filled with greeting cards but not so nowadays as we do online greetings to save the trees. Still sent out a couple to the generation who are not computer savvy or do not even own a computer.

Yes I bother with all these decorations but not with the food when the family is not around. Need to decorate for any festival even if it is just a tiny thing. It is important to keep the good memories and also nice to make it special from the mundane of daily routines!

Our daily lives are so mundane, we get taken over by what is immediately in front of  us and we don’t see beyond that – Benedict  Cumberbatch

2 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations

  1. There is nothing so beautifully Christmas as things Sandinavian. Your decorations remind me of the German traditions we kept when the children were young, though yours are truly delightful. Xmas in Australia’s hot and so ours is an outdoor celebration mostly now. So I often deliberately drive around and see the decorations people have put on their houses here, which makes one remember that everyone has joy in their hearts in different measures. Love the street decorations which one has to see before the tropical storms play havoc sometimes. Thanks for the lovely reminder, Amy, of celebration from the land of Xmas traditions. I love your decorations.

    • Hello Denise, it is difficult to get into the mood for Christmas when one is in the tropics or down-under! Thus these decorations(mainly tiny ones)collected over the decades and keeping myself in the cool air-conditioned apartment can I feel a little of the Christmas spirit. Good memories do help. You hit it right on, ‘that everyone has joy in their hearts in different measures’

      It is lovely looking at the street lights, but so commercialised in the shops that I get overwhelmed and just want to hide. Thus most shopping was done sometime ago!

      Am looking forward to seeing family together (we will be 16 on Christmas day lunch hosted by my bro & his lovely wife) and small gatherings (not more than 6) at my place or somewhere else. Happy Holidays to you too and appreciations for staying in contact. Hugs.

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