Trouble in Little India

9 Dec 2013 – Wet in Chinatown

This is NOT the kind of news anyone wish to deal with on a Monday morning!



Mon: those who know me also know that I shy away from political and religious issues. But what just happened in SIN triggered a part of me that will not let me shy away from. Am both saddened about the situation in Little India and perturbed also at people who do not act in peace. But all easily said as the situation is more complex. C’est la vie mais la vie a sa douce côté trop…

‘Whatever events may have sparked the rioting, there is no excuse for such violent, destructive, and criminal behaviour –  Lee Hsien Loong SIN PM

‘Intolerable, wanton violence. It is not the Singapore way – Ng Joo Hee

Not only not the SIN way, violence should NEVER be the way anywhere!

Those who wish to visit or live in SIN should live by the SIN laws and if not, just get out, or change it for the better in peaceful and constructive methods. And those who create trouble should be deported. SIN has come a long way working hard to make this a clean and safe society.

Sun: Mario sent me a message that he will be late for our lunch appointment but was not online and thus did not receive the message. Imagine the relief seeing him after 1.30hrs wait and was just so glad that there was no need to file for any missing person. Learnt that for SIN, only after 40hrs one can then file for a missing person report, but for non-SIN, one can do so within the hour! Getting more paranoid after all that has happened in 2013 so far…


Tourist guiding Mario thru’ Chinatown and explaining that it is not easy for SIN pop of 80% of the Chinese race to keep this cosmopolitan society balance!! Was impressed the he was game for trying frog legs, rawfish salad and even durians. Such a fantastic tourist to show SIN and its foods to.  The wet rainy weather did not dampen his positive spirits. Thank you for his sunshine. He can be my guest anytime 🙂


Even managed to have a drink at The Dubliners Irish Pub located conveniently by the bus-stop where no. 36 heads direct to the airport 🙂 🙂


Safe and sound journeys back to Ireland until we meet again, stay safe and healthy.

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