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7 Dec 2013 – If only I am Superwoman!


Thu: amazing how every one decides to travel to SIN around the same time! After seeing AmyCA off, bro Lawrence called to say that he will be arriving the next day. Started the day bright and early on the bus and view from the corridor at the National Dental Care. At cousin Ken for dentist appointment and the bad news is that one of the crowned tooth is infected and needs to be extracted and then implant! Ouch in every way, was told that the final bill will amount to S$5,000+


Good to catch up with Leonard, my computer guru for breakfast in Chinatown where the preparations for the Horse year galloping in even before Christmas! Off to the airport (more horse!) to pick up Lawrence.


Lunched at Paradise Inn***/Changi Airport T1 quite decent food and good soup. Thanks to Leonard for lunch. Lawrence and I took a short and quick trip to pay respects to our parents at Mandi Crematorium.


The day ended at Les&Ivy for a hot-pot dinner. Kat&Greg and Devon are in town, good to catch up with Les&Ivy’s whole family. Was just adding up the numbers our branch ie my siblings and their families (green, orange and purple generation) and we are total of 66, probably the largest branch for the green generation!


Fri: news of Mandela passing. This man spent 27yrs in prison for something he believed in and lived to see the changes he so hoped for! RIP Nelson Mandela! You were an inspiration to us all.


Met with Mario who is on his way back to Ireland after his month’s stay in Australia. A trip to Tiong Bahru Market and the Botanic Gardens. Not a good day for the body. Had to stay and rest in the library while Mario went strolling about the gardens. Splitting headache and fever. Apologies, Mario unable to show you around in the afternoon. Need to rest for a day before I collapse.

Sat: our bodies hold all of the information we need to function at our best, but too often we ignore their messages and plow ahead with what our minds tell us ignoring what our bodies are saying. So now to rest rest and more rest. Coughing and no appetite, just as well… need to lose weight 🙂

Your body is a sophisticated, intelligent machine, but too often we fail to understand them because we don’t value them as highly as we should –

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