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17 Apr 2013 – Why Why Why 🙁

With a heavy heart in a world of turmoil…


IMG_3072Tue: woke up in a sad mood and reading the news was no help. What is happening – bombs blasting around in the Middle East, nuclear weapons threats from N Korea are bad enough and now even at the Boston Marathon finishing line!

Linn has mentioned just a few weeks ago that she has plans to run this marathon in 2014! This is what she wrote after the news of the bombing… ‘I am still signing up to run in 2014. The evil cowards behind this will not ruin one of the most amazing marathons in our country!’

And my reply: will be planning my 2014 travels to fit in your run.

The Boston Marathon first run in 1897 is considered the most prestigious in USA and occurs every Patriot’s Day, a city-wide holiday attracting app 25,000 runners each year.

The outbreak of bird flu on top of the pollution issues are ongoing in China. Is this going to be another pandemic?

These kind of news are getting to be the daily read… ouch!

Escaped to the movies when evil is on a rampage and things make so little sense. Somehow these two movies were nothing much to reflect on, thus no help! Even when a natural disaster (or it is more a consequence, considering how we are abusing and misusing Planet Earth??), a 7.8 deadly earthquake was just added to this world in turmoil on the Iran-Pakistan border…

aYearI Give It A Year**British romantic comedy film about the trials and tribulations of a newlywed couple during their first year of marriage.

untitledIn the House**French film about 16-year-old boy insinuates himself into the house of a fellow student from his literature class and writes about it in essays for his French teacher. Faced with this gifted and unusual pupil, the teacher rediscovers his enthusiasm for his work, but the boy’s intrusion will unleash a series of uncontrollable events.

IMG_3151Akan datang-malay for coming soon, a movie with this title Escape from Planet Earth describes how I feel today

Exactly what I would like to do now…

Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil – Plato

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