Gardens by the Bay

15 Apr 2013 – a lovely weekend with ‘High-Tech Young People’…


Sat: located on a total of 101 hectares 250 acres, the Gardens by the Bay, has won the overall World Building of the Year Award at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards 2012. The Gardens have been designed with the environment in mind, adopting environmentally sustainable technologies. In particular, the cooled conservatories are intended to be a statement in sustainable engineering and energy efficiency.


A lake system which takes into account the aesthetics and hydrology within the Gardens’ catchment has been incorporated into the Gardens’ design. It serves to capture run-off from within the Gardens and acts as a natural ‘eco-filter’, cleansing the water using aquatic plants before the water is discharged into the reservoir.


Supertrees are tree-like structures that dominate the Gardens’ landscape with heights that range between 25m 82′ and 50m 160′. They are vertical gardens that perform a multitude of functions, which include planting, shading and working as environmental engines for the gardens. Fake vs real trees…


Tkx to good company of Chuan and WeiKhuen for a Sat morning walk. A shaved ice in the AC Marina Bay food court was well received. No, Chuan did not taste the KCH Kolo Mee! Continued for prawn noddle at Blanco Court Prawn Mee****on Beach Road


Hot and humid afternoon walking towards a new shop whose forte is on durian swiss roll, excellent; a new landmark (arch) on Arab St and finally to sit down in the shade quenching the thirst. Tkx to Leonard, soon ready for the transfer to the MacBookAir, but will take some getting use to 🙂


Dinner at 328 Katong Laksa***with Brian, Helen and the kids joining us. The sky opened and poured. Ended the evening in the apt and the kids were contented with eyes fixed on the screen like the guys earlier in the day, but now the guys are doing some male bonding 🙂 🙂


Sun: early morning congee breakfast at the local wet market and saw Chuan off to his flight back to KCH. Tkx for a nice visit and will catch up again in 2014! A delicious Bday popiah lunch tkx to Peggy, nice seeing old and new faces to our mature 60+ ladies group 🙂 Dinner with Clem at the Sin Swee Kee***chicken rice on Seah St. Better memories at the old Swee Kee, sin-meaning new in mandarin Chinese and SIN is the airport code!

For those who ask if being lonely or bored are ever in my vocabulary 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom – Thomas Carlyle

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