On the Go for 12+hrs

6 Apr 2013 – is a Long Fun Day…


Fri: 1hr with subway+bus from Haeundae to Oryukdo Island where Taejongdae 태종대 is a natural park of Busan, South Korea with magnificent cliffs and a lighthouse facing the open sea on the southernmost tip of island of Yeongdo-gu. It is said that its name to have taken from King Taejong Muyeol (604 – 661), the 29th king of Silla Kingdom.



Walked uphill and then down to Pebble Beach, realize that the cherry blossoms are turning green and summer will soon be here. After the lighthouse paid KRW1,500 S$1.70 on the colourful tram back to the entrance due to lack of time after an enjoyable 3hrs hike of ups and downs with many good pix opportunities.



Was concentrating to use my knees so as not to get injured climbing up and down the steps, thus no count of step numbers down to the beach, lighthouse, including the lighthouse tower! Bus back to Busan to –



Jagalchi Fish Market located on the edge of Nampo Port is a must for seafood lovers. This market is Korea largest seafood market and is very colourful and vibrant. Was totally amazed at all the different kinds and sizes of fish (dried and fresh) and shell-fish available.


The giant cockles were tempting, but remembering what happened in one of the KCH trips with shellfish, am more careful about shellfish when travelling. This phallic creature is new to me but thx to nephew Steve who ID it as chinese penis fish and according to Wikipedia – Urechis unicinctus/penis fish/spoon worm is eaten raw with salt and sesame oil in Korea and in parts of Japan!

In Chinese cuisine it is fried with vegetables, or dried and powdered to be used as an umami enhancer. Considered an important ingredient in Shandong cuisine and is used in numerous recipes. Also used for fishing bait – like the bait idea better than eating it… 🙂



Lunched upstairs at one of the restaurants on raw Bastard Halibut, no joke but that is the real name! and Red Sea bream, grilled shrimps and other typical Korean side-dishes. Yummy and KRW60,00 S$66 for 2 persons. Delightful to watch life for a bunch of seniors enjoying the life entertainment by the sea. Am told that the background on the slopes is not a desirable area, ie poverty.


A short walk to the center for a cuppa and dessert at Hollys Coffee 할리스 커피on a trendy street where the escalators to the Busan Tower are also on this street…



At 120m 394ft, Busan Tower KRW 5,000 S$6 (including the entrance to the music instruments museum) located inside Yongdusan Park, remains one of the best spots to see the whole city in 360 degree view.



Ending this fantastic day at the Busan National Gugak Center with traditional Korean music, songs and dances. The elegance of the traditional clothing are pleasing to the eyes even when they can hardly stay open… 🙂 🙂

The  real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having  new eyes – Marcel  Proust

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  1. Hi Amy,
    Enjoyed your photos. It is almost 10 years since I have visited Korea.

    • Hey Mike, glad that you are enjoying the Korea pix. Thanks for the comment. This is my first visit and really having a good time. With all the recent news and the tense situation, let’s hope that things will calm down. Time will show but will be flying back to SIN tomorrow. So many beautiful places to see and so little time…

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