Haeundae Beach

5 Apr 2013 – Dongbaek Island & Busan Aquarium


Thu: breakfast at Bon Juk***good seafood congee. 20mins bus to Busan International Foreign School to collect tickets for tomorrow night’s Heritage of Korea Show.


Haeundae Beach (1.7km), most popular beach in Korea had made the Guinness Book of Records (2008) for the largest number of beach umbrellas. Covered end-to-end with 7,937 multitude parasols, one will certainly not find me here in this crowd of 300,000 in the summer!


Today, a pleasant 2+hrs walk in lovely weather with only a handful of people. Seeing more young men in military uniforms than usual…




Dongbaek Island, Busan officially known as Busan Metropolitan City Memorial was said to be an island in old days. Accumulation of soil and sand over time carried by stream and rivers formed a narrow land bridge between the island and the shore along Haeundae Beach. Still the place is popularly called as an island with dense wood of pretty camellias and pine trees.


Dongbaek Park walkway, an impressive wooden walkway lets one feel the fresh sea breeze and the enchanting sounds of the waves for a pleasant stroll.


Busan Aquarium KRW21,000 S$23, overpriced and have seen better ones but supporting museums and aquariums is important!



Tasty dinner at An Ga****Korean BBQ dish that usually consists of grilled marinated meat. Delicious with yummy soups, sauces, salad and side dishes to compliment the pork. Good soju, cheers!

It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way – Penelope Riley

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