Goodbye Busan

7 Apr 2013 – 감사합니다 gam-sa-ham-ni-da Audrey



If not for Audrey, this visit would not have been. Appreciations for her kind and gracious hospitality and tkx for being a tour guide to this first timer visitor. The week has gone by quickly and have seen and done much. With the present tension between North and South Korea, one can only pray and hope that diplomatic and peaceful dialogues can continue. Threats of launching missiles of destruction and wars are NO solutions at any time…



Sat: a rainy and perfect day to rest, load, update blog and pix. The energy and focus are still in tact and happy to know that even with 12hrs on the go yesterday, made it back before crashing like a rock…



A delicious dinner at Korea Red Ginseng Samgyetang Galbitang***ginseng herbal chicken soup with Audrey and Jinyoung on this last wet evening in Busan with hopes and thoughts of peace for this country. Cupcakes at Red Velvet***

감사합니다 Jinyoung for the dinner, for showing us places and translating.  It makes such a difference to have a local guide, especially when most only speak their native language.

Observed: Vivaldi’s Four Season-Spring played over the loud speakers before the subway arrives at every station. Most of the subway stations do not have escalators, no wonder obesity is no a common sight! Ajummas (Korean for a married woman or woman old enough to get married, but it has negative connotations when used in everyday life) have tightly permed-hairstyle and wear bright colours.

감사합니다 gam-sa-ham-ni-da/thank you.


Sun: random pix from the past 7 days. Leaving on Eastern China Airlines for a 7hrs flight back to SIN with 3hrs layover in Shanghai.

I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees – Pablo  Neruda

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