A Meeting

12 Mar 2013 –  to Liquidate a Company!

Thank you to Lawrence&Mabel for their gracious hospitality and for putting up with me.


Fri: tkx to Chuan for dinner and a bed for the night. Appreciate the time with his family.



Sat: AnnChee & JiaJia helping and volunteering their time at the Society for KCH Urban Poor. Sat & Sun Market’s new location Medan Niaga Satok where only a few stalls are occupied, probably due to higher rentals. Most of the vendors are behind the building, outside at the parking lot where they have set up their own stalls. KCH has its own way of doing business!!


Some random KCH pix. Drove to meet Lawrence and Larry at the airport in the evening. Thank goodness traffic was not too bad.

dscn15813Condolences to 14th uncle Danny LAM Tin Chong in KL/Malaysia for the passing of his wife,14th auntie Jamilah YACOB/1935-2013 (Tue 5 Mar). Lawrence who was recently in KL returned with this sad news. The last meeting with 14th auntie was Apr 2009…




Sun: a good briefing by Larry for the Mon meeting. Appreciations to Lily & Danny for a lovely dinner at The Venue***

ESCORTMon: meeting went OK, hopefully next trip to KCH will solely be for pleasure! A touch of humour for any meeting. Also a reminder to be specific and clear with words so that there can be NO miscommunications and no more of who said what. Everything should always be documented in black and white, but of course that does not always help where a culture of bribery is the norm…

Tue: unfortunately human decency goes downhill in pursuit of materialistic values. Corruption is not just accepting brides, it is also about the vain attempt to satisfy greed and power.

Thank you Chuan for breakfast and for driving to the airport. Bidding farewell to the Cat City, riding on the Tiger safely back in the Lion City without any scratches… 🙂

Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power ―    John Steinbeck

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