28 Ingredients

3 Mar 2013 – Beyond any Doubt, the King of YuiSang/鱼生=raw fish



Starved all day to taste this dish so that the flavour can linger till the next tasting 🙂 Have been blessed again to taste this dish by Frank NG’s family 3yrs running. Tkx to Jessie&Frank for sharing the ingredients (some not available overseas).


Appreciations to Ivy&Les for including me. Thank you to Jessie (Ivy’s cousin)&Frank for all the cutting and for sharing the secret in good company of porpor, sis Jo, Angelique&Paul, Sharon&Harry (Ivy’s cousin). The champagne and wine complimented to this most scrumptious YuiSang, tkx to Les.


Preserved ingredients: 1.Vegetable  2.Cucumber 3.Red sweetened ginger  4.White sour ginger 5.Brown melon 6.White melon 7.Leeks. These 7 preserved ingredients can be bought at: Sin Hwa Foodstuff/Senoko South Rd/SIN

Dried candied ingredients: 8.Winter melon 9.Chinese mandarin orange.

Fresh ingredients thinly cut: 10. Two varieties of lettuce/iceberg&romaine 11.carrots 12.Large celery 13.Spring onions 14.Coriander, also known as cilantro, Chinese parsley 15.Red chillies, remove seeds 16.Fish ikanparang is Malay for wolf-herring/brandy for seasoning, optional.

Fried crisp ingredients: 17.Wonton skin 18.Pillow-shaped crispies/pok chui 19.rice vermicelli/mei fun


Sauces & Seasoning: 20.Five spice power 21.Ground white pepper 22.Thinly sliced fresh ginger 23.Light soya sauce 24.Calamansi juice 25.Finely cut scallions fried till crispy 26.Sesame oil and oils from the deep-fried scallions 27.White sesame seeds 28.Pounded roasted peanuts.


Tossing and mixing this salad with auspicious phrases and sayings.


Second course: raw fish with spring onions, cilantro, red chillies (all finely cut) and seasoning. Some like to dip this into hot congee to cook the fish, my preference is raw. And for those who are still hungry, salted duck, Chinese sausages & pickles, abalone, cooked peanuts to compliment the congee. Bon Appetit!

Please do not ask the measurements as to how much of these 28 ingredients. The art of making good food is many trials and errors, tasting as you go along!

A story about baking told by Ajahn Brahm came to mind when all these ingredients were being typed on the keys and his words – the secret to life… everything is out of control.  And my words eat, sleep, enjoy and live to the fullest – in that order 🙂 🙂 🙂

Everyone makes mistakes. The wise are not people who never make mistakes, but those who forgive themselves and learn from their mistakes – Ajahn Brahm