Damai Beach Resort

8 Mar 2013 – Happy International Women’s Day


Wed: Arr KCH (1hr flight time) safe and sound ahead of schedule on TigerAir. Appreciations to Chuan for meeting me at the airport. After running errands and a yummy bowl of KolokMee, it was time to catch the bus (MYR20 RT/S$8) to Damai Beach Resort*** app 45mins drive north from KCH center. 2N3D inclusive breakfast (MYR410 nett/S$165). Reasonable and decent buffet breakfast. Tkx to AnnChee for the bookings.



Blissful and idyllic ambience located on the coast, this resort commands a panoramic view of the S China Sea with Mt Santubong in the background. The sound of waves crashing onto the shore is comforting. Places of interest include the Sarawak Cultural Village which is just around the corner but have been there a couple of times; Santubong jungle hike, been there done that.


The legend attached to Mt Santubong is of intrigues, jealousy and murder. When view from the S China Sea, the profile of Mt Santubong is supposedly to look like a woman lying on the horizon – my thoughts, any thing is going to look like a woman in the sailors’ imaginations who have been some time away at sea 🙂

The first 3 days of this trip is for relaxing and reading. The SPA did not look too tempting. No internet without paying and thus no posting until back in KCH. This resort was originally a Sheraton 20+yrs ago and must have been quite something in its heydays. Holiday Inn took over next and now this is the third proprietor. The maintenance could be better but being by the sea, it must be extremely costly to keep things spick and spam!


Room (1207) with a view and 188 steps down to the beach or an efficient shuttle pick-up. Was quite alone up in the hills but a perfect get away from the main drag. The chalets are ideal for families.


Strolling at dusk and dawn was the only time comfortable and was back in the room before dark. Being alone up on the slope, horror movie The Shining/1980 with Jack Nicolson came to mind. No REᗡЯUM but red flags along the beach indicates the danger to swim in the sea and the other danger, Beware of Falling Coconuts 🙂



No dangers in capturing some these beautiful natural sand art made by the waves that only lasted a few minutes before they are completely wiped out by the waves. Sweet fragrance flowers fallen from the trees, but was told by the gardener that the locals call this Putat laut, botanical name Barringtonia asiatica tree

Life lasts but a few scratches of the claw in the sand – Wislawa  Szymborska

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