A Sign!

14 Feb 2013 – Reunion with Family, Friends & Food/Part 2

Happy Hearts Day!


BBC/Mon: Pope Benedict has shocked a billion Roman Catholics around the world, and his closest advisers, by announcing that he will resign at the end of this month. Within hours of Pope Benedict announcing his resignation, lightning struck St Peter’s Basilica. The Pope, who is 85 years old, has been the head of the Church since 2005.



Tue: more visitings. Tkx to Helen & Brian for the invite. Do lift my hat off to all the mothers of this gang. Fond childhood memories of CNY celebrations with all the cousins and a gang like this, except that we are all related! Great to catch up with my computer guru, Leonard who will be off to Japan for a week. Safe and happy journeys to him.


Continued to catch up with cousin ChengEn visiting from Shanghai/China. Unfortunately cousin ChengLoon was out visiting but managed to capture a pix for his wife, Eva and baby who are visiting from Brisbane/Australia. LAM ChengLong’s (youngest son of 17uncle LAM Tin Yie) baby is the second youngest of the Orange generation ie my children’s generation. LAM Jayden Jing-De/born 2011.

Cousin YEO Yat-Soon’s who lives in London/UK (only child of 9aunt LAM Poh Kiu) baby is the youngest of the Orange generation, Ella YEO Tsing-Mei/born 2012.  And the eldest of that generation is my 2bro LAM KwokKiong eldest son LAM JenMun/born 1959.


Appreciations to Les & Ivy, for a lovely evening with Clement, PatLynn, David, Lucas & Beth who returned back to SIN after their visit in Klang/ Malaysia where David’s family lives. Les made his delicious mussels in wine sauce, yummy and the best mussel dish I have ever tasted. Hope that Clement has learnt the secret in the sauce 🙂

shutterstock_68913355No woman will ever be truly satisfied on Valentines day because no man has a chocolate penis wrapped in money that ejaculates diamonds – anonymous

2 thoughts on “A Sign!

  1. Amy,

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed reading your postings & seeing the photos – always so much food too! First time I’ve seen the anonymous comment about Valentine’s day – ha-ha!

    Happy New Year.


    • Hey cousin Mike, glad that you enjoy the postings and thanks for reading.

      Happy Healthy WEalthy Year of the Snake & Happy Hearts Day. Family, friends & food is what the CNY is about. Hope to be able to catch up during the year of the snake.

      First time for me too to see the anonymous Vday quote and liked it. LOL

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