Family Flory

28 Feb 2013 – en Route to Brussels/Belgium


Wed: Kiefer, Angelina & Kurt, lovely to see them and Kiefer is stretching and walking. Cute toddler who likes my home-made soup with rice! Safe journeys to them who are now on a 12hrs flight back to Belgium after their annual trip in KCH.

69628_108109239372842_562191768_nWould like to dedicate this Oscar posting to Alonzo DAWE, an amazing 85yrs gentleman, father of Jan SOSA, grandfather of Angie, Jackie and Amanda; great-grandfather to at least 7 kids that I know of! He is an inspiration to us who has recently joined FB to keep contact. Welcome Alonzo to the online world. So glad that we can keep in touch across these oceans.

Jan crossed paths with me during our FL/USA days where we both were working for the same travel agency. Coincidently Angie (Jan’s first-born) & I share the same bday dates and Al (Jan’s husband) and Linn my first-born share the same bday dates.

559781_10152587971485037_793547448_nWonders never cease. Thomas, our neighbour in Piggsoppgrenda/Norway from the early 1980s who used to only like meatballs and pancakes as a child has now written Norway Mat/Viten (Norway Food/ Knowledge) which won this year Gourmand Award International for best book on food in Paris last weekend!

Congratulations to Thomas UGELVIK and to Torill WISTNER/mother of Thomas who is a good friend. It seems like yesterday when Thomas & May were playing in the sand box at the tiny patch of garden we had then. Our paths crossed again in Bergen mid 1980s before moving to the US. Hope to be able to catch up this year…

Inspiration may be a form of super-consciousness, or  perhaps of subconsciousness — I wouldn’t know. But I am sure it is the  antithesis of self-consciousness – Aaron Copland