Welcome Year of the Snake

12 Feb 2013 – Reunion with Family, Friends & Food/Part 1


The cutest greetings from the grandchildren in USA!


Sun: appreciations to sis Jo and niece Sue for driving. 1000hrs first day of the visits, starting with the most seniority person, 4th aunt Poh Kau (99yrs) and always great to catch up with cousin Wilki & Pattie visiting from HI. Somehow the camera went into hiding after this pix, or more like forgot to capture the moments until evening. Ouch!

Continued to 10th, 11th & 13th aunts. Thanks to Les & Ivy for a lovely lunch. Thank goodness for the tentage as the rains were relentless for some hours. Mid-afternoon to aunty Kwok (99yrs) & KK, great to meet up with Ken who is visiting from London.


Was fortunate to arrive at cousin Karen (in grey) to meet up her parents (who are visiting from KCH) and with 4 more long-lost cousins from paternal grandmother’s branch. Pix of 2 aunts with their families. Aunt Anna CHAN Ai NohKaren’s mom is the one sitting next to Karen, do remember aunt Noh from the early 1960s when she visited SIN at Temenggong Rd. She is the daughter of CHAN Hung Tong, brother to paternal grandmother, CHAN Swee Ngor.


Karen, tkx for the invite and the scrumptious feast. First meeting with aunt Kit.

Cousin CHAN WengKei of this branch who lives in Christchurch/NZ has an excellent record for the CHAN branch who makes the best KCH laksa and they are all wonderful cooks, just do not understand how they keep so slim, must be the CHAN genes 🙂


Mon: world’s best Chinese almond soup by sis-in-law Poh Kit and many tkx to her for sharing her secret.


Yeah, Aleoca folding bike/S$89.90+accessories/S$40, Brother sewing machine/S$139 and Akira rice-cooker/S$21.99 which will be used more for steaming and slow-cooking were delivered today from Giant/ FOC delivery for S$200+ spent.

Look before you leap, for snakes among sweet flowers do creep – Proverb