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.13 Oct 2012 – and Other Ideas

Have been searching for pix to put together an album for parents to tempt choosy young eaters. Easy with sweets or desserts, so concentrating on healthy foods. Would appreciate any contributions. Tkx.

Wed: too tired to even unpack, but a necessary trip to the DMW. Got me a SC driver’s licence after having to give up the FL licence (had that since the 1980s). It is the year of driving liences’ renewal, just did that in Norway too! Such it is to be legal driving around the world.

Thu: working with pix and it is taking forever!! Snapfish has wonderful ideas for creating personalized gifts, thus taking the opportunity to do so while still in the US. Burning the mid-night lamp to get these creations started when the mood and the lightbulb is working. Past midnight and overheard these gagging sounds from the kitchen. Poor Gator was throwing up.

Fri: Linn decided to do some subbing at school since it was 4yrs ago she last subbed. Quite a challenge to have Sophie and James on my own and they are as good as gold! Wished I had the energy they have, but alas that is not the case. Do not like to have to wake James twice to strap him to his car-seat first to drive and pick Sophie at pre-school and then to pick the rest at the elementary school.

Cindy, Jeff’s mom and one of her other grandchildren from Kristy (Jeff’s sister) will be visiting for the weekend.

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  1. Howdy,
    I just discovered your site: Kool Kids Food
    1st SIN ‘AT’ thru-hiker when I was browsing digg.com.
    It looks as though someone liked your blog so much they decided to bookmark it – good job!

    • Hi there, thank you for your comment and for stoppping by. After Kool Kid Food, I will hope to put together another album for Kool Adult Food! Will appreciate any contributions of pix with unique healthy presentation of food. Don’t be a stranger on my blog!

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