Driver’s Licence

14 Jul 2012 – NPRA

Statens vegvesen/The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is s responsible for the planning, construction and operation of the national and county road networks, vehicle inspection and requirements, driver training and licensing. This is located in an industrial area at Risløkka trafikkstasjon, Østre Aker Vei 50 with some interesting sculptures

Thu: had to get a new driver’s licence, the old licence was supposed to be valid till 2050 is no longer so, and understandably. Certainly do not wish to drive when endangering others. Now the new rule is that when one is 75yrs, a certificate from a medical doctor will be necessary.

Expected to be waiting in line but was pleasantly surprised that it was done within 10mins! The young Swedish lady who took care of the application was most helpful. With the new technology, all that was needed was to take a pix in their booth and the pix will be accessible immediately for the red tapes with the signature! Impressive – and the damage NOK295/S$62. Now to wait for the new licence in the mail and that will be another story 🙂

Has been grey and wet for some days and taking pix in these lights have not been ideal. Tkx to B for driving to the NPRA. Took the T-bane/subway from Risløkka stop (where graffiti there is probably considered art!) back to town and walked to Majorstuen.

The rain stopped during the walk and even managed to take some interesting shots in spite of the grey sky! Coincidently, the battery in the camera died after Døvekirken/the church for the deaf  and the sky opened up pouring cats and dogs the moment the key opened the front door!

Prayers in sign language and prayers in any language silently can never go wrong where ever you may be!!

None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see – Matthew Henry

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