Feeling the Years…

21 Jul 2012 – but where did they go???

All pix are downloaded from various sites.

When one has arrive at the stage and there are 6 grandchildren in life’s journey, good to be aware that even as time has gone by like a blink there has been and still will be many more wonderful blinks. Also to close the eyes is a good way when the blinks are not pleasant… 🙂

Here in OSL/Norway baby sitting youngest grandchild Olai, soon 1yr and the reflexes are still OK, ie still faster than a 1yr! The day when the reflexes slow down is the day when one should not baby-sit. M&B are back to full jobs and trying to be helpful (hopefully in constructive and positive ways!) is one of the joys of being a grandparent.

Olai is a delightful baby, sorry no pix his parents are camera-shy! Enjoying every moment with him as these blinks will never be the same. 2 months ago he could not even crawl and now he is all over the place like a lightning. Stands when he can grip on to a secure hold, making cute blabbing sounds only a grandmother could understand. But this is of course very subjective and most grandparents will also share my sentiments about their own grandchildren 🙂 🙂

NOT going to be easy to leave in Sep but then the consolation will be 5 grandchildren who are across the ocean en route with life’s journey! The mode of transport looks an interesting way to travel for the future 🙂 🙂 🙂


Need some distraction after yesterday’s news of the shootings at a cinema in Colorado/USA. Does not help with the upcoming one year reminder of the 22 July 2011 bombing and shootings here in OSL/Norway. So difficult to understand, relate or comment to such sad situations. This kind of news do make me feel old! Prayers and thoughts are always out to the victims and their families, but how can anyone prevent this from happening again, as it will inevitably happen again…

The years teach much which the days never knew – Ralph Waldo Emerson